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Product Reviews and Ratings

Boost Trust and sales
with powerful review platform

The best customer review platform for generating authentic customer reviews. Display your best reviews at high-converting touchpoints throughout the shopping experience.

Capture Reviews
Smartly across customer journey

Choose from a range of display options for a single customer review.

  • Collect reviews from product page form.
  • Send automatic requests and reminder from in-form emails.
  • Collect product questions and answers from visitors like Amazon.
  • Collect content using product images.
  • Give bonus loyalty points on leaving a review.
  • Send automatic email, SMS & web push to collect reviews.

Display Reviews

On Store

Reduce cart abandonment and upsell products by showing your best reviews at cart & checkout. Use the AiTrillion platform to creatively showcase reviews on store.

  • Reviews popup.
  • Product review gallery slider.
  • Store Review gallery slider.
  • Floating buttons.

Review Management
Software to boost sales

Easily manage and track customer reviews for your products with our intuitive dashboard. Quickly respond to feedback, track sentiment and improve your products with our powerful review management tools.

  • Enable/Disable Reviews.
  • Automate your review enable based on rating collected
  • Share reviews on social profile
  • Reply all Q&A from admin

Enhance SEO

to drive more traffic

Acquire high intent traffic to your store. AiTrillion helps you improve your rank, add images and star ratings, and optimize for Google Seller Ratings.

  • Use review widgets.
  • Display reviews on google search results.
  • Win the trust of visitors with authentic reviews.

Collect Reviews with Points + Email + SMS + Push

Connect customer to collect reviews via Email,SMS,and Web Push notifications, and manage them all in one convenient dashboard. Improve customer satisfaction and drive sales with our powerful integrations.

  • Send a post-purchase review request email.
  • Give loyalty points for leaving reviews.
  • Send automatic popups to collect reviews.

How AiTrillion Product Reviews is Different

Drive More Sales With Product Star Ratings

AiTrillion helps you to collect & display customer reviews, photos, and Q&A to increase your brand’s trust as well as conversion rate.

Automatic Reminder Emails

AiTrillion sends automatic emails and push notifications, ensuring a high open and response rate.

Build Social Trust

AiTrillion lets you share your content on social media profiles to enhance customer trust, engagement, and traffic to the website.

Increase Organic Traffic With Rich Snippets

Stand out from your competitors and out-win your customers by displaying compelling content & ratings in search results.

12X More Reviews

Ask for review intelligently with AiTrillion and increase your brand advocates in less time.

All In One Platform

AiTrillion offers a completely integrated experience in one platform, giving you ultimate control over how your business collects, displays, and markets UGC.

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