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Product Reviews and Rating


Establish Authority & Influence Visitors with User Generated Content

Thousands of fast-growing Shopify Merchants use AiTrilion to build trust with user-generated content, increasing social proof, and driving conversions.

Review and Rating Generation

Collect Reviews Smartly with Automation

Promote your store with authentic reviews. Increase social proof, engagement, and showcase customer experiences to enforce buying behaviors.

  • Collect reviews with automatic post-purchase emails, web push notifications, review forms, and review popups.
  • Streamline product questions and answers.
  • Send automatic review request and reminder emails to collect reviews.
  • Help visitors with product Q&A.
  • Collect reviews using product images.
  • Increase social proof by sharing reviews on social media.
review collection
product reviews

Increase Store Conversion

Showcase Reviews On Store & Sell More

Increase trust and credibility of your brand by showcasing them at high-impact moments in the shopper journey.

  • Product review gallery carousel.
  • Review gallery slider.
  • Review page widget.
  • Review floating button.
  • Google rich snippet.

Drive more sales

Reviews & Ratings are proven to convert visitors to buyers.

Build a better environment for enhancing the shopping experience. AiTrillion helps your visitors make better purchasing decisions by giving them the information they are looking for.

  • Host a Q&A section on your product pages.
  • Question answer option with form.
  • Select who can give answers to the question.
  • Reward your customers for giving a review.
  • Showcase real images of the product.
product reviews

Enhance SEO

Enhance SEO to drive more visitors to your product pages

Acquire high intent traffic to your store. AiTrillion helps you Improve your rank, add images and star ratings, and optimize for Google Seller Ratings.

  • Review SEO widget.
  • Helps in displaying reviews on google search results.
  • Improve SEO.

Integrated Product Review

Product Reviews integrated with Email, Loyalty and Push

Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A with AiTrillion AI-powered solutions. The best part is that, it is integrated with other modules like workflow automation, loyalty rewards program, email marketing, web push notifications, and smart popups. With AiTrillion you can determine the best time to ask for reviews from your customers ensuring a better response.


  • Send a post-purchase review request email, it adds a personal touch as it prompts customers to leave a review.
  • Give loyalty points for leaving reviews to motivate customers.
  • Smart popups appear dynamically to customers after they purchase any product to leave a review.
  • Send automatic push messages to collect reviews after order.
product reviews

 How AiTrillion Product Reviews is Different


Drive More Sales With Trusted Reviews

AiTrillion helps you to collect & display customer reviews, photos, and Q&A to increase your brand’s trust as well as conversion rate.

Automatic Review Reminder Emails

AiTrillion send automatic review email and push notifications, ensuring a high open and response rate.


Build Social Trust

AiTrillion lets you share your reviews on social media profiles to enhance customer trust, engagement, and traffic to the website.

Increase Organic Traffic With Rich Snippets

Stand out from your competitors and out-win your customers by displaying your reviews & ratings in search results.

12X More Reviews

Ask for reviews intelligently with AiTrillion and increase your brand advocates in less time.

All In One Platform

AiTrillion offers a completely integrated experience in one platform, gives you ultimate control over how your business collects, displays, and markets customer reviews.
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