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Reports and Analytics



Turn Customer Data Into Actionable Insights!

Improve your performance by taking informed decisions and making sound strategies. Increase conversion rates, drive more sales and figure out the next move with AiTrillion powerful actionable analytics and reports.  Real-time information on every customer action, presented in a user understandable summary format, makes it easy for our Shopify sellers to take quick decisions.


Reporting Dashboard

Measure your Success in Centralized CEO Dashboard

AiTrillion unifies all your data in the centralized marketing reporting dashboard. It gives you the complete picture of who your visitors are, where they’re coming from, and in what ways they interact with your website along with the interaction metrics of existing customers.

You can find out which engagement channel is working best for you and give you the desired results. With AiTrillion, you can have an eye on sales analytics reporting and all the important metrics to drive more engagement and increase sales.

With analytics, you can:

  • Reduce campaign costs by targeting a potential audience.
  • Cut down attrition by accurately predicting customer behavior and developing the right proactive campaigns to retain them.
  • Deliver the personalized message by segmenting customers more effectively 

Customer-level Reporting

Understand Real-time Customer Behavior, Build Appropriate Marketing Strategies, Campaigns, Personalized Recommendations

Get real-time actionable customer insights powered by AI and design your marketing planning based on customer behavior. You can track the customer report and analytics day, week, or month wise and can easily download the ROI report template.

Our customer analytics is not only based on statistical models, charts or numbers, it also consists of recommendations, Ai Prediction, and actions that can help make better business decisions. An in-depth analysis of your customers makes it easier to observe their entire journey with your brand. This valuable information can then be used for segmentation to tailor your campaigns and make them more personalized and relevant.

With AiTrillion’s Analytics

  • Know which channel produces the most repeat customers
  • Identify which product drives more sales for first-time purchasers
  • Select the perfect high-inventory campaign
  • Discover which segment engages with your emails the most
  • Top-selling products 

Helps in Connecting the dots

Get a Clear Picture of All Customers’ Interactions with Your Campaigns

AiTrillion helps eCommerce stores to unlock the power of their customer data into meaningful insights through integrated omnichannel marketing automation. This enabled them to craft personalized email series, web push notifications, smart popups, request product reviews, and loyalty programs.

Identify your most purchasing customers, inactive customers, first-time visitors, frequent visitors, customers with the highest purchasing order value, frequently bought products, and alter your campaign based on these data. When you know exactly what your customers want, it becomes easier to target them with exact products, offers, or messages where they exactly left off.

Multidimensional Analysis

Increase ROI by Leveraging One View of All Customer Data + Marketing Campaigns

No need to change the tab again and again to track the performance report of all your campaigns. AiTrillion allows you to see all your customers’ engagement events data and eCommerce marketing campaign data in ONE single place – a dashboard.  Get each module-based report in ONE dashboard, e.g., email marketing report, loyalty program report, product review report, announcement bar report at one glance, and take decisions without further delay.


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