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SMS Feature

Creative Pre- Made SMS Marketing Templates

Choose from over 30 pre-approved templates or create your own, get them approved by AiTrillion’s help- personalize your message, select your audience, and hit send!
It’s that easy.

  • Add products dynamically using shortcodes.
  • Use shortcodes to easily personalize the SMS templates.

Smart Segmentation; Smarter Messaging

Deliver the most personalized content to every customer by segmenting them based on their activities.

  • Seamless interaction with loyalty rewards to inform your customers about exclusive benefits
  • Reward most active customers, reactivate inactive customers with segmented SMS messaging

A Quick Peek to Dashboard for Status & Reports

Get an overview of the sent and delivered SMS to keep an eye on the campaign. Get the status and report of all your campaigns from a single screen.

  • Delivery status
  • Total Blocked
  • Campaign Reports
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