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Customer Timeline



Systematize Customer Interactions In A Single Timeline

A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers. Onboard customers with targeted outbound engagement for expansion.


All customer Interaction in One Place


ROI attribution of multiple channels

AiTrillion timeline provides a visual display of customers’ activities. It enables proper implementation and analysis of multi-channel attribution to perfectly understand a customer’s history and enhance ROI.

Predict your customers behavior in advance

By tracking your website visitors, you get a visual idea of what are they looking at, where they are in the buying journey, and how likely they are to purchase on your store.

Know your visitors

Anytime a visitor visits your website and fills out a signup form, AiTrillion automatically creates a new record with the information they provide.

Track Customer’s History

Stream your customers’ behavior and summaries on a single platform. With AiTrillion, you can track each customers’ move to plan your marketing strategies.  This makes your marketing process effective and customer-oriented. With AiTrillion customer timeline, you can check the complete performance of all the 11+ marketing channels under one roof.

Track Customer’s History With Context From Every Interaction
Centralized Customer’s Interaction

Centralized Customer’s Interaction

Central location to view all your customer’s online activities at one place. View a customer’s entire history of interactions in consecutive order to better understand their unique journey and experience.

Easy Collaboration with Customers Across Multiple Channels

You can track customer engagement journey with AiTrillion. Get a visual idea of your customers’ behavior like what are they looking at, where they are in the buying journey, and how likely they are going to make a  purchase. Finely target your campaigns and edge your messages to hit the exact emotions of your customers.


Boost Customer Experience like Never Before

Understand the value each customer brings to your business.  You can precisely predict the future behavior of customers using predictive analysis techniques. Use AiTrillion’s advanced calculations to determine the customer lifetime value to maximize the long-term value of every customer.

Grow Your Customer Engagement, Lifetime Value, and Sales Faster.

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