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Announcement Bar

Drive Sales with Dynamic Announcement Bar

Create customized announcement bars to highlight the important information that you don’t want your customers to miss out on. Set the time duration and specify the time limit of the offers to grab visitors’ attention and drive more conversions.

Simple Announcement Bar

Keep your customers updated about your business, offers, or any special event. With AiTrillion, create a catchy announcement bar to make it possible to display banners at the top or bottom of your website. AiTrillion offers the following –

  • Bar style with beautiful background images.
  • Font style and customization.
  • Customize button style with your branding.
  • Add animation effects.

Countdown Timer Bar

Create urgency for your promotions or offers with the countdown timer bar to urge customers to buy now instead of later. See below the benefits of the countdown timer bar –

  • Create urgency for your promotions.
  • Motivate your customers to buy more.
  • Notify about free shipping, offers, or sales.
  • It is the most useful to entice customers.

Cookie Bar

AiTrillion cookie bar helps you get explicit consent to collect customer data & allows you to target them with different touchpoints. Cookie bar notifies customers about cookies usage and collection. Check how it helps your website –

  • It gives control over the customer’s information.
  • Creates transparency about the website.
  • Take customers to consent for using their details.
  • Keep the usage of data explicit.

Sales Motivator Bar

Sales motivator bar motivates your customers to buy more from the store and increase your store’s profitability without burning extra money. It encourages customers to add more products to reach a certain goal and claim offers. Check amazing benefits of sales motivator bar –

  • Boost sales by motivating customers to buy more.
  • Notify your customers with different offers.
  • Rewarding customers to take immediate action.

Reports and Analytics

Manage all your announcement bar campaigns in one place. Track the performance of announcement bars based on segments and customer behavior. You can track –

  • Active bar report.
  • Total clicks.
  • Total orders.
  • Total revenue.
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