Make location heart of your marketing.

Your existing data can be quickly and easily imported into an interactive map providing real-time information. You can easily correlate and compare location-based insights that would otherwise have remained invisible without customer mapping.
e.g plot a new office with relevance to highest number of customers in area.

Localise Content

Provide location-relevant content to all your customers.


Send hyper-location offers to your customers living in one region.

Enhance Analytics

Better behavior predictions of your customers based on geo-segments.

Your customers are here📍

AiTrillion has a location-based marketing platform that will help you and your businesses unlock geo-social data to acquire and engage high-value customers.


Acquire customers through highly targeted campaigns.


More personal and valuable way to interact with your customers.


Uncover hidden insights to understand your customers better.


Acquire valuable customer insights
For the purpose of marketing, every data point is an opportunity. Identify, target and engage your unique audiences.
  • Run highly relevant, timely media campaigns.
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 60%.
  • Enhancement with geo-social data.


Elevate the customer experience
With AiTrillion, surprise and engage customers in ways that you have never imagined. Based on locations send timely relevant messages to customers.
  • Personalised engagements.
  • Drive positive review and boost loyalty with real-time.
  • Leverage user-generated content.


Understand customer & competitor trends
Never miss an opportunity to dazzle your customers and understand competitor’s trends.
  • Analyze social content at your locations.
  • Gain insights from your competitor’s locations.
  • Identify influencer’s that are already at your locations.

How geolocation can help?

  • Immediate access to key data and geo-located information.
  • You can design your marketing strategies on know-hows of the location.
  • Correlate and compare the customer data easily.
  • Exceptionally good for strategic planning.