AI Push

Harness the power of push

Push your website ahead of your competitors.

In this brimming web space, keeping your customers engaged in your website will definitely need an effective strategy. Start by opening your lines of communication with push notification opt-ins. Based on the behavior of your real-time customer, easily build, and deliver targeted push notifications, all from one unified AI communication platform.

Pull customers back into your website.

Keep your website at the top of the customer’s mind. Boost customer engagement with powerful and personalized push notifications. Target your visitors and customers by delivering messages based on individual characteristics such as location and behavior on the website.

Get hold of your customers even when they are offsite.

Reach to your customer when they are not on your website with re-marketing notifications about new offers and products. Amplify your online reach without straining to capture details through lead forms. Send direct alerts and desktop notifications to your visitors, even when they aren’t present on your website.


Target and craft campaigns that adapt the experience to each visitor based on who they are and what they’ve done on your website.
Push to Segment

Now with advanced filters, you can categorize your audiences on the basis of unique properties and events, and send each segment a distinct Push Notification.

Push on event

By using intelligent triggers increase the relevance of your marketing by running automated behavior-based push campaigns.

Notification Scheduling

You can schedule notifications for your particular group of subscribers and keep them engaged from the very first interaction by using different triggers.

Campaign reporting

With our reports, you can see exactly how many customers have received your web push notifications based on customer behavior. By showing you the complete picture of what customers do on your website, AiTrillion allows you to make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy.
Actionable Insights And Reporting

Advanced reports will let you know if your Push Notification campaigns are generating considerable ROI.

Notification Performance

Know your performance at every step and decide what kind of notifications work better with the help of our advanced reports.

Key features


Product delivery push

Notify and update your customers on product delivery.

Welcome new subscribers

Welcome and greet your first time visitors by sending an appealing push message.

Super push

Effortlessly send super push to all your website visitors.

Back in stock notification

Let your customers know that the stock is back in inventory.

New subscriber discount

Gain new subscribers by providing them with additional discounts.

Admin push notifications

Keep your store owners updated with Push notification.

Cross sell

Cross sell to different buyers with ease.

Facebook pixels and ads

Runs integrated Facebook adds dynamically.

Price drop seller

Automate and upsell on price drops.

Abandoned cart automation

Automate abandoned cart push.