Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification

Convert your visitors to customers

Reach customers even when they are not on your Store by delivering messages directly on their mobile or desktop.

Win More Customers With The Power Of Push

Reach Visitors By Web Push
Reach both your known & unknown web visitors without email address when they allow web push notification on their store.
Re-target Customers By Push
Re-target and Engage your customers with your latest store updates even when your customers are not on your website.
Win Back Abandoned Cart By Push
Automatically send web push notifications for abandoned cart products & increase conversion by converting lost customers into direct revenue.

Sell More with Intelligent Push Notifications

Customize any part of the message with information or activity from the user’s profile such as name, location or product viewed.


Time-Triggered Push Notification

Increase engagement by sending push messages at the perfect time. Even more astounding, this can increase customer retention by 7x times. Sending push notifications impacts your engagement & retention.

Enrich web push notifications with data from your systems

Fetch real-time data from your store like customer name, product added to cart, back in stock product, etc. Send push notification to bring back your store visitors, at a fraction of the cost of Retargeting ads.


No Customer Email Needed


Zero Cost


Grow Subscriber List Automatically


Intelligent Reporting

Key Features


Welcome Push Notification

Nail customer engagement by sending an automatic welcome push.

Abandoned Cart Push

Send multiple automatic Abandoned Cart notifications to re-engage your customers.

Schedule & Trigger Web Push

Schedule & trigger web push automatically as per your promotional plan & even when you are away from PC.

Back in stock notification

Let your customers know that the stock is back in inventory.

Price drop seller

Automate and upsell on price drops.

Product delivery push

Notify and update your customers on product delivery.

Customize Your Push

Customize the push notification with your brand logos, thus providing better customer trust. You can personalize your notification(s) to fit your brand’s look-and-feel and blend it with your brand seamlessly.

customize your push
customize your push

Drive-up Engagement With
Intelligent Notification Scheduling

The AiTrillion Push Notification Platform lets you schedule campaigns in advance. You can choose whether to send notifications to everyone at the same time or according to their onsite behavior, buying patterns, different customer attributes and more which our AI engine automatically detects. This ensures that push notifications are sent at the time most appropriate for everyone, boosting open-rates.

Campaign Reporting

With our reports, you can see exactly how many customers have received your web push notifications based on customer behavior. By showing you the complete picture of what customers do on your website, AiTrillion allows you to make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Personalization Reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment

Not all visitors who arrive at your site are ready to make a purchase.
But those who added products to the shopping cart are getting closer to making a decision.
Utilize our service to present these shoppers, with relevant and timely messages that will drive them to complete the transaction.

In case the visitors choose to not complete the purchase,
implement AiTrillion’s Cart Abandonment Solution to Trigger a remarketing campaign.

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