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Price Drop Alert Web Push Notifications


73% of customers switch from store-to-store if they do not find any discount or offer on the product

Customers tend to look for discounts or offers while purchasing. Many customers end up liking the product but leaving empty-handed because of the budget.

How can you avoid losing these shoppers?

The answer is as simple as web push notifications. With web push notifications, you can set subscribers to receive price drop alerts of the products they are interested in. It’s an amazing way to entice customers to complete the purchase.

Bring Back Shoppers Lost Due To High Price

Let your customers know about the abandoned products they are interested in by automatically sending them price drop alerts.

This increases the conversion rate instantly!


Eye Catchy Widgets

Set up eye catchy widgets to quickly get the attention of your shoppers. These widgets will allow them to subscribe to price drop alert messages with ease.


Easy to Customize

Web push messages should always create urgency around the product. To ensure a high click rate make the price drop alert messages time sensitive.


Dynamic Images

Subscribers will see the image of the product they subscribed to be notified when there is a drop in the price.

How It Works



To get the price drop alert notifications, shoppers have to subscribe to be alerted about the price.



shoppers are automatically notified when the price of the product drops.


Purchase Completed

When the shoppers are alerted about the drop in price, they are motivated to go back to the store and complete the purchases of the products they are interested in.

Automated Alerts

Display a web push notification automatically to your customers on getting the product back in stock.

AiTrillion creates a separate waitlist of the subscribers interested in your products. With this, you can automatically send back in stock alerts to motivate them to complete the purchase.

No Spamming

Whenever someone subscribes to price drop alerts to any product, they receive the alert only the first time the price of the product decreases.

If they want the price to be lower, they need to re-subscribe to be alerted.

Reports and Analytics

With AiTrillion, you can view a detailed report of the shoppers who have subscribed to price drop notifications. You can closely track the performance of the price drop alert and optimize your strategy accordingly.

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