Product Recommendations

Product Recommendation


In Store Product Recommendation

Curate 1-1 Shopping Experience With Personalized
Product Recommendation

A product recommendation engine driven by the industry’s most advanced machine learning that drives lift, click through to select the most relevant, data-driven personalized recommendations for each customer interaction.


Deliver Real-Time Relevance
In Your Recommendations

When you add that extra touch, your customers notice and respond. Through extras such as personalized adjustments and personalized product recommendations, you can take up-sell and cross-sell to completely new levels. Infuse recommendation algorithms with everything you know about the individual – including historical data, real-time visitor behavior & insights happening in any of your store to deliver real-time relevance in your recommendations.

Increase your revenue, conversions & basket size.

Drive more conversions
and revenue

AiTrillion’s Intelligent Recommendations was built to give store owners the power to personalize product recommendations. Infuse recommendations with everything you know about your buyer, including their buying history, insights & behavior happening in any of your channels to deliver real-time relevance in your recommendations.


Every customer interaction
counts for a consistent
brand experience

Deliver a true omnichannel experience with individualized product recommendations across all of your channels. We mean everywhere – in-store, online, via email, facebook, and push.

Automatically avoid conflicts
that could confuse or
frustrate shoppers

Prioritize rules to ensure shoppers only see the suitable experience designated as a top priority. For example, only show items that are in their size and are in stock.

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