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Smart Popups


Smart Pop Ups Fits All Your Marketing Needs

The easiest and most powerful way to generate leads and grow faster. Create beautiful and contextual popups for your mobile and desktop visitors within a minute.


Newsletter Signup Popup

Want to grow your email list and flourish your business? Then newsletter signup popup will meet all your requirements. With AI integrated newsletter signup popups, make your visitors subscribe to your newsletter and convert them into sales later. With AiTrillion newsletter signup popup you can:

  • It Increases the visibility of the brand and turns visitors into loyal customers.
  • Flourish business by giving a boost to sales and customer engagement.
  • Helps in capturing visitors’ data to grow your subscribers’ list.

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Exit-Intent Popup

Exit-intent popups give you a second chance to get the attention of your visitors. They appear just before the visitor leaves a website.

Since it is your last chance to grab the attention, make sure you make the most of it, you can put attractive offers, discounts, or any value-added thing to entice customers to complete the purchases. AiTrillion exit-intent popup gives you the following benefits –

  • It helps in reducing cart abandonment.
  • You can collect email addresses to grow your email list.
  • Increases customer engagement.
  • Improves conversion rate.

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Loyalty Signup Popup

AiTrillion gives you an amazing opportunity to promote your loyalty rewards program through smart popups. While creating a loyalty popup, you can share the URL to direct them to the loyalty program.

To engage more visitors with the popup, you can mention the free reward redemption if they sign up right then and there. Here are the pro-tips to make it work-

  • The design and message have to be crystal clear.
  • Add rewards that are valuable to shoppers.
  • Don’t forget to add the CTA button.
  • Develop a landing page that promotes your loyalty rewards program.

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Review Popup

Looking for creative ways to ask for review?. With AiTrillion review popup, you can customize your review popups based on the “design, content, and behavior of your customers”. Users just need to click the button inside the popup to write a review.

AiTrillion offers product and site review popups. You can send a site review popup when a visitor scrolls down to the bottom of the page. And once a customer has completed the purchase, you can send a product review popup with the product image along with personalized content. Below are the benefits of the review popup –

  • Increase personalization.
  • Generates review.
  • Helps in creating brand awareness.
  • Improve SEO ratings

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Reports and Analytics

You can check the complete analytics report of your popup’s performance and examine the effectiveness according to the goal you set.

  • Real-Time analytics.
  • Performance of each campaign.
  • Total clicks report.
  • Total order and revenue report.
Page Level Targeting


Segment your leads by using our exclusive page-level targeting and personalized rules.

Real-Time Behavior

Real-Time Behavior Automation

Keep your visitors engaged and boost conversions with automated behavior-based popups.

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Beautiful Lead Capture Forms

Choose a pre-built template designed for maximum conversions through popups

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