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Review Popups

How It Works

AiTrillion review pop-ups are important for any business. Not only do they get you reviews, but they also
increase personalization, create awareness, and even improve your SEO.

  • Your visitors won’t just look at your website and give you a review. Make your review popup attractive and with a crystal clear message. With AiTrillion, you can show a popup with the products that the customer bought previously from your store and ask for a review.
  • Give additional points to customers if they leave a review on the product.
  • Add CTA buttons for immediate action.
  • Make sure to determine the best time to ask for reviews ensuring a high open and response rate.
  • Don’t forget reviews can be one of your greatest sales tools and that’s what review popup will do for you. It will help build trust in the community. Increases social proof, engagement, and showcases customer experiences to potential customers.
  • It will make shoppers come back for more and even recommend the same to their friends and family.

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