Aakash Namkeen uses AiTrillion’s Loyalty Program to achieve a 207% repeat purchase rate!


Increase in repeat


Engagement Events

55.7 M

Loyalty Points

About Aakash Namkeen

Aakash Namkeen is a family-owned business that has been providing delectable snacks for more than 30 years. Founded in Indore, India, the brand has expanded to reach a global audience with its diverse assortment of savory and sweet sweets.

One of the company’s most valuable assets is its ability to adapt to shifting market trends and consumer preferences. Aakash Namkeen has expanded its line of products to include gluten-free and low-fat choices, meeting a wide range of dietary requirements.


  • 50% of revenue attributed to AiTrillion
  • 33.6% of orders placed via Product Recommendation widgets
  • 50% of all orders placed via automation are from first-time customers
  • 18% of orders are from AiTrillion loyalty program module
  • 9.5% of subscribers taking advantage of welcome discounts
  • 5% of automated email revenue is driven by abandoned cart flow

Challenges Faced

  • Wanted to place a significant online presence, and accelerate brand growth.
  • Lack of actionable data or insights to inform sales and marketing strategies.
  • No targeted marketing campaigns or customer engagement initiatives
  • Looking for strategies to develop long-term relationships with customers.

How AiTrillion Helped Aakash Namkeen Transform Their Marketing Efforts

1. Establishing Online Presence

AiTrillion facilitated Aakash Namkeen in establishing a robust online presence, enabling direct consumer reach through omnichannel marketing. By deploying customer engagement modules, Aakash Namkeen could create unique and captivating experiences for its audience.

2. 20,000+ web push subscribers in 12 months

In the span of 12 months, Aakash Namkeen successfully acquired over 20,000 web push subscribers, demonstrating the efficacy of our push notifications. This strategy was composed of various types of notifications aimed at engaging and converting customers.

  •  Welcome Push Notifications
    Aakash Namkeen strategically employed welcome push notifications to incentivize first-time purchases. By offering free delivery, these notifications were a compelling invitation for customers to make their initial transactions.
  •  Abandoned Cart Push Notifications
    To address the challenge of cart abandonment, Aakash Namkeen implemented a series of automated push notifications triggered when customers added items to their cart but did not complete the purchase. The sequence of three notifications served as gentle reminders, encouraging customers to revisit their carts and finalize their transactions.
  •  Opt-In Push Notifications
    In addition to proactive engagement strategies, Aakash Namkeen leveraged opt-in push notifications to expand its subscriber base and encourage first purchases, and establish a direct connection with the customers.

3. Recommending products based on shopper’s behavior

Utilizing AiTrillion’s advanced AI and automation algorithms, Aakash Namkeen tailored product recommendations based on individual shopper behavior. By showcasing trending items, new arrivals, and related products across various website pages, Aakash Namkeen stimulated customer actions, resulting in a remarkable 33.5% revenue boost.

4. Amplifying Conversions

AiTrillion’s personalized email marketing and automation tools empowered Aakash Namkeen to elevate its conversions by 8%. Through dynamic content delivery via engaging emails, Aakash Namkeen achieved a high click rate of 9.7%, effectively reaching its vast Indian customer base and driving substantial revenue growth.

5. Fostering Trust through Reviews

It is correct that trust is established and acquired over time. Aakash Namkeen, for example, is already well-known among the public.

Aakash Namkeen uses AiTrillion’s review module to Give shoppers the confidence they need to buy using reviews across the customer journey. By gathering and displaying high-quality reviews, Aakash Namkeen increased its credibility and reduced returns, allowing for more informed purchasing decisions.

6. Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Aakash Namkeen rewarded its loyal customers through AiTrillion’s integrated loyalty program, designed for the brand accumulating over 55.7 million loyalty points. By leveraging email reminders for point redemption, Aakash Namkeen stimulated repeat purchases, achieving a remarkable 207% increase in customer retention.

7. Actionable Insights and Reporting

AiTrillion equipped Aakash Namkeen with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling them to monitor campaign performance and derive actionable insights. With an intuitive dashboard, Aakash Namkeen could make data-driven decisions to optimize its marketing strategies effectively.

8. Streamlined Marketing Operations

AiTrillion’s all-in-one marketing automation platform allowed Aakash Namkeen to streamline its marketing operations and reduce the time and effort required to manage its marketing via:

  • Smartest Popups
    Aakash Namkeen leveraged AiTrillion’s Smartest Popups feature, which played a pivotal role in bolstering revenue generation. With a notable 10.3% revenue attributed to Popups, this tool proved to be instrumental in capturing customer attention and driving conversions.
  • Announcement Bars
    The announcement bar module played a crucial role in augmenting revenue, with an impressive 17.2% revenue assisted by this feature. Announcement Bars served as dynamic banners strategically placed on the website, generating urgency, providing important updates, and ultimately improving sales performance.