See How Craft Central has Driven 19x ROI with AiTrillion's All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform


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About Craft central

Craft Central Company, established in 2019, is a one-of-a-kind firm that offers Disney, Harry Potter, and Universal Studios attraction posters, and fragrances. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality products that capture the essence of great experiences at Disney and Universal Studios.

Craft Central Company takes pride in every step of the manufacturing process, from concept art to designing, developing, and promoting posters and perfumes. The company is committed to assuring product quality, with bright, colorful graphics printed on high-quality poster paper and long-lasting smells that reflect the essence of iconic Disney and Universal Studios attractions.


  •  24.7% of all revenue comes from email marketing.
  • 40% of automated email revenue is driven by abandoned cart flow.
  • Generated 37% revenue from enabling loyalty points reminder workflow.
  • 20%  of conversions are generated through Product Recommendations.
  • 21% of orders are from creative announcement bars.
  • 5x lift in loyalty engaged members.
  • 11.7 Customer engagement events achieved.

How AiTrillion helped Craft Central

1. Fostering Trust Through Authentic Customer Reviews

Craft Central Company values the reviews feature since it allows them to engage with their customers. Any online business must be able to give clients reminders to leave reviews, respond to them, and offer loyalty points in exchange. While acquiring client feedback might be difficult, Craft Central Company used AiTrillion’s aid to collect 5800+ favorable reviews and generate social proof.

2. Building customer loyalty and increasing repeat purchases.

Throughout this journey, Craft Central has rewarded customers with almost 30 million points through our loyalty program. AiTrillion’s loyalty program is connected with email marketing, allowing them to send reminder emails for redeeming loyalty points. This resulted in generating 37% revenue from enabling loyalty points reminder workflow.

3. Recommending products based on customer behavior

Craft Central recommends trending, new arrivals, recently viewed products, and related products on various sections of its website. It contains the home page, product page, product detail page, and basket page. This encourages customers to investigate more, resulting in 20% of conversions via Product Recommendations.

4. Offer loyalty rewards to reduce cart abandonment

It is critical to capture individuals who were almost about to hit the button and give them a compelling reason to return. Craft Central is providing reward points to encourage customers to return to the store thanks to AiTrillion’s integration of smart popups and loyalty.

5. Increasing conversions through automation

The abandoned cart flow accounts for 40% of all automated email revenue. Campaigns enabled them to send personalized emails, thereby strengthening consumer ties. The top three workflows that produce fantastic results for Craft Central are the welcome series (with over 39% open rate), customer reactivation, and customer win-back.

6. Detailed insights and advanced analytics

The platform offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track performance and make data-driven decisions through the Smart dashboard. This enabled Craft Central Company to track the performance of their campaigns and modify their strategy to achieve even greater development.