How Craft Central Company Boosted Revenue by 18x with AiTrillion's All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform


Revenue attributed from AiTrillion


Average conversion rate


All revenue comes from email marketing


      • 🛒 26% of automated email revenue is driven by abandoned cart flow
      • 🚀 Generated 46% revenue from enabling loyalty points reminder workflow
      • 📈 50% open rate for welcome emails
      • 🔥 22% of conversions Generated through product recommendations
      • 🤗 23% of orders are from the creative announcement bar
      • 5x lift in loyalty engaged members

About Craft central

Craft Central Company, founded in 2019, is a unique brand that offers a collection of Disney, Harry Potter, and Universal Studios attraction posters and fragrances. The brand is committed to creating high-quality products that capture the essence of memorable moments in Disney and Universal Studios.

Craft Central Company takes pride in every aspect of the production process, from the concept art to designing, creating, and marketing the posters and fragrances. The brand is dedicated to ensuring the quality of their products, with sharp, vivid images printed on high-quality poster paper and long-lasting fragrances that capture the essence of memorable attractions in Disney and Universal Studios.

How AiTrillion helped Craft central

Building customers’ trust with reviews

For Craft Central Company, the reviews feature holds significant importance as it provides a means of engaging with their customers. The ability to send reminders to customers for leaving reviews, responding to them, and offering loyalty points for doing so is essential for any online business. While obtaining reviews from customers can be challenging, Craft Central Company leveraged AiTrillion’s assistance to gather 5000+ positive reviews and establish social proof.

Building Customer Loyalty & Increasing repeat purchases

In this journey, Craft central has rewarded customers with over 15 million points with help of our loyalty program. AiTrillion loyalty program is integrated with email marketing which helped them to send reminder emails for redeeming loyalty points. This drove 46% revenue growth for craft central.

Recommending products based on shopper’s behavior

Craft central is recommending trending, new arrivals, recently view products & related products on different pages of the website. It includes home page, product page, product detail page & cart page. This nudges customers to explore more resulting in a 22% boost in overall sales.

Improving cart abandonment by offering loyalty points

It is crucial to try to capture those who were nearly ready to press the button and give them a good reason to come back. With the help of AiTrillion integration between smart popup and loyalty, craft central is giving reward points to encourage them to return back to store.

Increasing conversions with automations

Nearly 25% of Craft central’s revenue comes email marketing campaigns and automations. Campaigns helped them to send personalized emails to strengthen relationships with customers. The top three workflows which brings amazing results for craft central are – welcome series with more than 50% open rate, customer reactivation & customer winback.

Advanced analytics

The platform provided advanced analytics and reporting tools to track performance and make data-driven decisions. This allowed Craft Central Company to measure the success of their campaigns and optimize their strategies to drive even more growth.

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