Crocs' Giant Leap: A Dive into 125% Increase in YOY Sales and Brand Growth!

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About Crocs

Crocs, a global pioneer in creative casual footwear for men, women, and children, was established in 2002. Since its debut, Crocs has sold over 720 million pairs of shoes in over 90 countries.

Crocs provides a diverse range of all-season items while remaining faithful to its core molded footwear heritage. Crocs™ shoes are known for their soft, comfy, lightweight, non-marking, and odor-resistant properties, thanks to a unique technology. Crocs promotes the excitement of being unique and invites followers to “Come As You Are” with each colorful pair of shoes.


  •  Crocs, with a strong brand identity, intended to use marketing automation to increase sales growth year on year for their Vietnam store.
  • Obtaining complete customer behavior insights and actionable data was critical for making informed choices and developing strategies.
  • Launching and automating a loyalty program was a priority to enhance customer retention for Crocs.


  •  With hands-on assistance from their CSM, Crocs was able to strategically harness many engagement modules to boost sales such as email, popups, web push, product recommendations, and more as they include more user-friendly shopping experiences.
  • The credibility and product innovation that come with AiTrillion Reviews was an easy choice for the brand as it continued to scale. Crocs used the Reviews module tool to collect and highlight customer inputs and UGC that the visitors cannot miss.
  • Crocs launched its automated loyalty program, which increases CLV by providing your members with additional opportunities to engage and unlock rewards that encourage their next purchase.

How AiTrillion helped Crocs

Successfully executed 217,522 engagement events across AiTrillion Modules

Switching to AiTrillion has transformed the user experience for Crocs shoppers. In addition to boosting sales, the company has seen “tremendous growth” in the number of shoppers interacting with the brand via engagement modules and other UGC on-site, prompting a major increase in these metrics-
1. 1M Push Impressions out of 27388 subscribers in a year.
2. Loyalty points redeemed 48.1 M.

Timely Engagement Via Web Push Powered By Customer Data

One of the main reasons Crocs chose the unified platform of AiTrillion was for the sake of harnessing the power of all three channels—Email, SMS, and Web Push Notifications—under one roof. We’ve been able to send targeted communications based on clients’ preferred channels, meeting them where they are, and building omnichannel experiences.

Growth in lifetime value with the Loyalty Program

AiTrillion assisted Crocs in improving the purchase frequency of their recurring consumers through a loyalty program.

They discovered that redeemed loyalty program members spend more per year than non-members. This led to an increase in CLV by providing more opportunities for their members to engage and unlock prizes that encourage their next purchase.

Driving urgency and real-time engagement through Announcement Bars

They’re leveraging an announcement bar to provide their ideal shopper with important information such as seasonal deals, discounts, and other special promotions.
Whether it’s a sale, promotion, or a launch notification, Crocs is engaging with their potential customers and is converting them swiftly.

Collect Customer Reviews The Smarter Way

Crocs, a brand that prioritizes its clients, wanted a solution to better comprehend their feedback. The team understood that product evaluations were crucial in collecting and aggregating client input, as social proof and connecting with the customers better.
AiTrillion supported Crocs in gathering over 1394+ positive reviews by using emails, SMS, and smart nudges that inspired purchases. The reviews also helped the brand to build trust and showcase authentic feedback in key areas for maximum impact, and improved sales.

Read Why Crocs Loves AiTrillion:


Our Most Premium Client – Crocs VN Growing By Leaps & Bounds with Customer Engagement & Retention Modules.

Main Takeaways

  •  20% of revenue is assisted by upsell and cross-sell popups.
  • 10% of overall sales is assisted by AiTrillion.
  • AiTrillion helped Crocs improve customer retention by helping them collect 1300+ reviews via the module.