HelloMida increased 69% of total orders using AiTrillion’s All-in-One Loyalty Rewards Program

Industry | Retail & PoS (Fashion and apparel)

About the client

HelloMida is a Shopify store based in Hồ Chí Minh, VN, with 1952 products published across 111 collections. This B2C fashion commerce platform is headquartered in Guangzhou with business principles that always put product quality first. 

Every week, HelloMida releases more than 200 designs, and brings the latest fashion trends closer to Vietnamese youth. Here customers will be assured to find the right attire whether it’s a party with colleagues, friends, romantic date dinner, or professional suit at work.

With AiTrillion’s Loyalty Rewards Marketing feature, grocery store HelloMida had increased its customer life cycle value. The results are as follows:

37% boost  in customers engaged in the last 3 months.

86% of repeat buyers are AiTrillion Loyalty members

68% of the orders received from AiTrillion’s Loyalty Rewards Program

10% increment in repeat purchase rate

Impact | Result

Using AiTrillion’s all-in-one marketing automation platforms’ various sales and marketing features, such as email marketing, loyalty rewards program, announcement bar, push notifications, and smart popups, HelloMida runs and maintains a successful marketing strategy that drives customer retention, and increases customer lifetime value.


  • 68%Orders came from AiTrillion’s Loyalty Rewards Program
  • 8%Revenue influenced by AiTrillion’s smart popups
  • 1 MnLoyalty points redeemed by customers to shop more.
  • 13%Repeat buyers are AiTrillion Loyalty members
  • 5.9 MnWebsite visitors tracked by AiTrillion’s AI engine.

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Challenges | Situation

HelloMida is a VN-owned lifestyle brand that produces high-quality products and accessories. As a wholesaler wishing to sell directly to consumers and grow into new regions while most importantly engaging its existing customer base, HelloMida found it challenging to showcase its new products, collections, exciting offers, price slash, etc., directly to customers (first-time visitors and existing customer base) with a great user experience.  

Ecommerce aside, HelloMida wanted to radically improve its sales and marketing strategies using automation that is AI-enabled. To transition to a new integrated eCommerce marketing automation platform, migration has to be easy to implement, easy to use and would help facilitate this significant overhaul. 

The fashion and apparel brand soon apprehended that its bandwidth was too restricted and to provide a delightful experience to its users and visitors a marketing automation software/tool is needed for its Shopify eCommerce store.


Together with AiTrillion’s Senior Onboarding Manager, HelloMida agreed on the structure and functionality of AiTrillion’s loyalty rewards program and created an email marketing strategy to match.

Our Onboarding Manager also trained HelloMida’s marketing team on the management of the loyalty program, so they could easily make changes, and updates on an ongoing basis.

Automated email communication with customers was key to the success of their loyalty program. Loyalty emails were populated with various loyalty data points, such as points earned, unique referral URL, and rewards available. These are sent out to customers on a regular basis and in particular with a focus on two segments: loyal customers and unengaged non-loyal customers. Out of total repeat buyers of HelloMida, 86% are of AiTrillion Loyalty members.

Key Takeaways

  • Successfully accomplished 730K+ engagement events which include Loyalty Rewards, Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Smart Popups, Announcement Bar, and Review Requests.
  • Tracked 5.9 Million website visitors and 57,875 customers’ behaviors across the website.
  • 59 Billion Loyalty Points assigned to HelloMida’s customers.
  • 1 Million Loyalty Points redeemed by HelloMida’s customers while shopping from the store.


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