How AiTrillion helped Zero Waste Outlet Increase Conversion By Tracking And Engaging 26k+ Website Visitors

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About the Client

Zero Waste Outlet is a family-owned and operated company that’s committed to reducing needless waste by offering Earth-Friendly options for everyday household products.

Zero Waste believes in offering the best solution when compared to buying cheap, disposable, and single-use plastic products that are responsible for most of the toxic trash that people carelessly bury in the dirt.

Hence, they ship orders using minimal, Eco-friendly packaging, and using USPS for all deliveries.

zero waste outlet case study

Challenges Faced

Beth & Brian wanted to reach the maximum people to sell their eco-friendly approach. They required a system to easily reach, communicate, and build a good relationship with their customers. It was becoming difficult for them to reach every aspect manually. The process was time taking, required lots of effort, and was not so prominent.

Below mentioned are the Problems faced by them:

    • No proper strategy for customer retention
    • Cart abandonment rate was high
    • No proper way to reach the customers
    • Looking for ways to build long term relationships with clients


Zero Waste Outlet prides itself on producing High-Quality & affordable eco-products that help you reduce waste. The Customer Success Manager at AiTrillion analyzed clients’ needs & priorities, and accordingly completed the setup of Super App, AiTrillion.

The software helped them to accomplish several events, track visitors, and enhance the relationship with the customers. The application helped them to grow their sales significantly.

Some of the Embedded features are Mentioned below:

    • Email marketing: This feature helped them to send the right email to the right audience at the right time. It creates a hyper-personalized email series and automates your email delivery to transform every mail into a personal and unique experience for their customers.
    • Loyalty Rewards Program: This feature helped them increase their repeated purchases. Rewarding for purchases is one of the most effective ways to build a healthy relationship with customers.
    • Announcement Bar: This feature helped them to Create customized announcement bars to highlight the important information. Moreover, they could also set the time duration and specify the time limit of the offers to grab visitors’ attention and drive more conversions.
    • Chatbot: This feature helped them manage all conversations in one place. AiTrillion helped them resolve their customer problems by connecting with them in real-time which increased customer retention rate.
    • Product Recommendation: This feature helps you send product recommendations based on products added in shoppers’ cart, previous order, previous order value, order type, and more. Moreover, it helped them trigger different recommendations based on customer activities on your online store.


With the launch of several engagement events; Zero Waste Outlet was able to sky rocket their sales. After installing AITrillion, the company was able to track their success and easily reach their customers.

List of the Perks:

  • Successfully accomplished 1,799 engagement events which include Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Smart Popups, Announcement Bar, Chatbot, Loyalty Rewards, Product Review Requests, Workflow Automation,and Product Recommendation.
  • 95.24% of Zero Waste Outlet’s customers are engaged in Engagement Meters.
  • Tracked 54,789 website visitors and 718 customers’ behavior across the website.
  • Assigned 68,862 Loyalty Points to Zero Waste Outlet’s customers.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

Great app for increasing conversions and the support is fast! Would recommend if you need a little something extra for your site.

~Zero Waste Outlet


Zero Waste Outlet automated their marketing processes to boost their sales. All they needed to do was just install AITrillion and get their hands free from the marketing processes. AiTrillion is an all-in-one marketing solution for your eCommerce Store.

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