Elevating Engagement: The Huevine’s Success Story!

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ROI driven in last 12 months


Revenue assisted by Email Marketing

About Huevine

A highly regarded specialized spa specializing in results-oriented treatments such as targeted facials, chemical peels, and hair removal services. High-quality + quick services mixed with skincare products that match in quality and perform well, leaving your skin smooth. They’ll give you skin that you’ll want to show off.


  •  Business Growth
    Huevine has a great vision for growing its market reach, combining all marketing activities into a single platform, and providing its customers with an omnichannel experience.
  • Improved Customer Engagement
    The brand aims to deepen customer connections by developing personalized experiences, implementing effective communication channels, and creating engagement.
  • Enhancing Sales
    Huevine seeks to craft targeted retention strategies and re-engage existing customers through tailored campaigns.
  • Forging Loyalty
    Huevines wants to build trust and loyalty through consistent service excellence, leveraging data analytics to understand individual customer needs.


Customers demand results—and they want an outstanding, tailored customer experience throughout the journey, from pre- to post-purchase.

This is when marketing automation platforms like AiTrillion come in useful. When used correctly, we can assist spas, salons, and wellness centers provide a high-touch, concierge experience.

  • Detailed reports via dashboard would give them access to segmented customer data for more effective and tailored messaging.
  • The workflow automation module by AiTrillion would allow them to consistently drive revenue in the background, automating flows and saving time.
  • Email flows now contribute to their 44.3% revenue growth, with campaign flows automated and activated at the right time.
  • Loyalty programs enabled Huevine to engage repeat customers through gamification in the form of rewards and perks for purchases, assisting in 1/4th of the revenue growth.

Learn why this Michigan-based brand chose AiTrillion.

1. Love & engagement with Loyalty

AiTrillion’s Loyalty Program was critical to Huevine’s success, allowing them to prioritize loyalty and retention as part of their revenue plan. You don’t need another app to maintain long-term relations. The module provided an easy and user-friendly experience for their clients, ultimately engaging them and generating more revenue. Customers were rewarded with points for subscribing, celebrating their birthdays, giving reviews, sharing on social media, and other activities, making their experience more fun, loving, and trustworthy.

2. Building lists & growth with Emails

What tried-and-true strategies enabled Huevines’ Medspa business to re-engage with clients and create effective email retention machines?

Here’s what’s worked for them:

1. Email greeting- In the context of a first booking, email welcome series is a very natural thing to send.

2. Launch successful campaigns- Send out emails for trial services, product releases, and consultation reminders—and they frequently opt into marketing emails and newsletters as well.

3. The abandoned cart strategy- The email flows remind clients to purchase a product that has been left in their cart or a session that is yet to be completed.

These are frequently top revenue generators—especially when done properly.

Two performance tips:

  • Segment for relevance: The flows sent to people due for an appointment—will hit the target when sent immediately after the cart has been abandoned.
  • Send on personalized rewards: With AiTrillion, send timely personalized triggers to gain lost sales. This one email can do the trick.

3. Influence Purchase Decision Product Recommendations

AiTrillion’s smart product recommendations module assisted Huevine in upselling and cross-selling items by displaying products and services that online buyers typically buy together in a single purchase cycle.

This helps the brand sell more products in a single visit while also increasing the average order value.

4. Eye catching Popups

Huevine makes its audience’s experience more interactive and pleasant by using interesting popups such as countdown offers, spin and win, and growing your newsletter fans. These popups can be set up to offer visually appealing and meaningful messages to users, boosting their overall browsing experience.

5. Skyrocket growth with Workflow Automation

Through workflow automation, Huevine has set up a series of personalized and timely follow-up emails tailored to the individual’s browsing and purchasing behavior. These emails can include reminders about the abandoned items, incentives, and compelling calls-to-action to encourage the completion of the purchase.


Huevine’s journey with AiTrillion’s exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic marketing automation in the wellness and spa industry:

Main Takeaways

  •  Holistic Marketing Approach
    Integrating diverse marketing activities into a unified platform enables businesses to provide customers with a seamless experience, fostering engagement and loyalty.
  •  Customer-Centric Strategies
    By prioritizing personalized experiences and tailored communication, brands can effectively re-engage with clients, drive revenue growth, and build long-term relationships.
  •  Continuous Innovation
    Embracing innovative solutions such as loyalty programs, smart product recommendations, and
    eye-catching popups empowers businesses to adapt to evolving customer needs and preferences