See How Premium Co. has Driven 38% of all Purchases with its Personalized Email Strategy


Amazing app and support. We are working with AiTrillion for over a year now and the features this app provides are amazing. We were able to improve sales by over 25% by enabling Email automation and many other functions this app provides. The support given to fix issues or simply help improve the performance is beyond what I would expect. Such an amazing app can highly recommend it.

Premium Co.

CEO of Premium Co.


Revenue attributed from AiTrillion


Average conversion rate


ROI from AiTrillion


      • 🛒 AiTrillion email automation influenced up to 38% of the total orders
      • 🚀 30% of conversions generated through product recommendations
      • 📈 11% of orders are from the creative announcement bar
      • 🔥 28% average email open rate
      • 🤗 The brand saw an 10% repeat purchase rate amongst loyalty redeemers.

About Premium Co

Premium Co is an Asian grocery expert in Melbourne Metro, Australia. They offer thousands of products from Asia and across the world at an economical cost. Premium Co has more than 3,000 products listed on their online store.

Its products are known around the world. Given the growing demand for grocery and daily essentials, Premium Co needed an all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform that can help in building its visibility in the market. AiTrillion helped them automate their marketing activities and bring amazing results.

See How Premium Co. has Driven 38% of all Purchases with its Personalized Email Strategy - 1

How AiTrillion helped Premium Co.

Improve customer engagement

The platform enabled the brand to improve customer engagement through personalized email campaigns. AiTrillion’s email automation feature influenced up to 38% of conversions. The brand has sent over 5.5 million emails with an average open rate of 28%.

The 3 most performing automation are customer reactivation, win-back and abandoned checkout.

Increase ROI

AiTrillion delivered a 24x ROI for Premium Co, demonstrating the effectiveness of the platform in driving growth and success. The platform replaced 7-8 apps reducing overall CAC and increasing AOV.

Gaining visitor's trust

Customer reviews are critical for building trust in online stores. With AiTrillion’s customizable emails, shop owners can easily capture post-purchase reviews, and the platform’s reviews product is highly efficient. Buyers can submit reviews seamlessly, and incentives like discounts or free shipping can be offered as rewards for customers who leave reviews.

Uplift in returning customers

Since its launch, the program has delivered a 10% uplift in returning customers and rewards over 23 million loyalty points. Premium Co. has driven $230K.

A better understanding of customer journey and behavior

The client better understood their customers’ journey and behavior; these, in turn, helped the client to focus on targeted, segment-based, omnichannel campaigns that helped in customer acquisition, and retention.

Recommending products based on shopper’s behavior

Premium Co is recommending trending, new arrivals, recently view products & related products on different pages of the website. It includes home page, product page, product detail page & cart page. This nudges customers to explore more resulting in a 22% boost in overall sales.

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