Heading: See How Premium Co. has Driven 35.8% of all Purchases with its Personalized Email Strategy


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About Premium Co

Premium Co is an Asian grocery specialist in Melbourne Metro, Australia. They sell thousands of products from Asia and worldwide at reasonable prices. Premium Co has more than 3,000 products available on its online store.

Its products are widely recognized around the world. Given the increased demand for groceries and everyday necessities, Premium Co required an all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform to help increase its market awareness. AiTrillion assisted them in automating their marketing initiatives, which yielded incredible results.


  •  AiTrillion Email Automation Influenced up to 37% of the Total Orders.
  • 31%  of conversions Generated through Product Recommendations.
  • 13% of orders are from the creative Announcement bars.
  • The brand saw an 8% repeat purchase rate amongst loyalty redeemers.
  • 10.6 M customer engagement events achieved.

How AiTrillion helped Premium Co.

1. Improve Customer Engagement

The platform enabled the brand to improve customer engagement through personalized email campaigns. AiTrillion’s email automation feature influenced up to 35.8% of revenue assistance. The brand has sent over 7.7 million emails.

The 3 most performing automation are customer reactivation, win-back, and abandoned checkout.

2. Increased ROI

AiTrillion delivered a 29x ROI for Premium Co via enhanced sales through engagement modules, demonstrating the effectiveness of the platform in driving growth and success. The platform replaced multiple apps, saving time, reducing overall Customer Acquisition Costs, and increasing Average Order Value.

3. Gaining visitor's trust

Customer reviews are crucial for establishing confidence in online retailers and are the primary source of social evidence. AiTrillion’s customizable emails make it simple for store owners to collect post-purchase feedback, and the platform’s review feature is extremely efficient. Brand owners can easily post, publish, and delete reviews, and consumers who leave reviews can receive perks such as discounts or free shipping.

4. Increased the number of returning consumers

Loyalty has its own benefits. We developed a best-in-class comprehensive loyalty program for the Shopify brand that distinguishes them from their competition. Since its launch, the AiTrillion platform has boosted the number of returning customers while rewarding the most devoted with more than 28 million loyalty points. Premium Co. has increased sales with email automation, affecting up to 37% of total purchases.

5. Detailed Insights into Customer Journey and Behavior

By gaining deeper insights into their customers’ journey and behavior, the client was able to refine their strategies effectively. This newfound understanding empowered the client to concentrate on tailored, segment-specific omnichannel campaigns, which played a pivotal role in both customer acquisition and retention efforts. This strategic alignment ensured that the client’s marketing initiatives were precisely targeted according to the segmentation, resonating with their audience at every touchpoint and ultimately fostering stronger relationships and loyalty among customers.

6. Product Recommendations based on shopper’s behavior

Premium Co has implemented a dynamic approach to product recommendations, leveraging insights into shoppers’ behavior to enhance their browsing experience. By strategically showcasing trending items, new arrivals, recently viewed products, and related items across various pages of the website—including the homepage, product page, product detail page, and cart page—Premium Co effectively guides customers through their journey. This personalized approach has yielded impressive results, with a notable 14.40 click to sales.

Through tailored recommendations, Premium Co not only enhances customer satisfaction but also maximizes revenue potential by effectively catering to individual preferences and interests.