How did AiTrillion's Loyalty Rewards Program Help Rampage Coffee Co. to scale its business by 62%?


About the Client

Rampage Coffee Co. is an eCommerce store of Food & Beverage that made its presence in the market with the higher caffeine coffee blend that is delicious, smooth, and a healthier alternative to sugar-packed energy drinks.

Dustin Blanchard founded the company with his wife Lauren in 2018. They did a small launch in January 2019 by handing out 100 coffee bags for free, simply asking the people to like and share on social media. After that, they started advertising seriously and experienced prompt growth in customer engagement with AiTrillion.

rampage- case study

Challenges Faced

Customers are the king for every business; hence, it becomes really crucial to maintain a good relationship with them. It was challenging for Dustin and Lauren to set up unwavering communication between the brand and the customer. For startups like Rampage Coffee Co., it is essential to put collective efforts when it comes to sourcing new ways to sell products.

Below mentioned are the Problems faced by them:

  • No proper strategy for customer retention.
  • Cart abandonment rate was high.
  • Looking for ways to build long term relationships with clients.


Rampage Coffee Co. prides itself on making strong, rich, and smooth coffee blends that its customers would want to have again and again. The Customer Success Manager at AiTrillion analyzed clients’ needs & priorities, and accordingly completed the setup of Super App, AiTrillion.

The software allowed the client to reach out to new customers as well as engage with existing customers with its tightly integrated AI-enabled 11+ eCommerce marketing modules.

Some of the Embedded features are Mentioned below:

  • Email marketing: This feature helped them to send the right email to the right audience at the right time. It creates a hyper-personalized email series and automates your email delivery to transform every mail into a personal and unique experience for their customers.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: This feature helped them increase their repeated purchases. Rewarding for purchases is one of the most effective ways to build a healthy relationship with customers.
  • Customer Timeline:This feature helped them to Systematize Customer Interactions in a Single Timeline. With its help, they were able to get an overall look at your customer journey to quickly gather insights and drive action.
  • Customer Segmentation: This feature helped them to Get predictive insights and plan your marketing campaign for future customers. It helped them to segment their visitors based on their digital behavior.


With the launch of the Loyalty Rewards Program and its customized 18+ activity rules, clients had observed that their repeat customer rate grew 26% over the last three months. Nearly 218K+ loyalty points were redeemed by Rampage Coffee Co. customers while shopping from the store.

List of the Perks:

  • Successfully accomplished 166K engagement events which include Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Smart Popups, Loyalty Rewards, and Review Requests.
  • Tracked 1.1M website visitors and 24K customers’ behavior across the website.
  • 4.5 Million Loyalty Points assigned to Rampage Coffee Co. customers.
  • 311020 Loyalty Points redeemed by Rampage Coffee Co. customers while shopping from the store.


Rampage Coffee Co. automated their marketing processes to boost their sales. All they needed to do was just install AiTrillion and get their hands free from the marketing processes. AiTrillion is an all-in-one marketing solution for your eCommerce Store.

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