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RawFedK9 Grew Global Empire by Tracking 486K+ Audiences and Assigning 2.43M+ Loyalty Points


RawFedK9 is the result of years of dedication to the well-being of pets and was started with the dream of being able to provide all pet owners an easy, convenient, and more affordable way to feed their pets a prey model raw diet with quality ingredients. 

RawFedK9 continues to stay true to its commitment to providing convenient, affordable, and quality ingredients, Prey Model Raw pet food to its growing customer base.

How We Did It

  • Successfully accomplished 195,768 engagement events which include Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Smart Popups, Announcement Bar, Chatbot, Loyalty Rewards, and Review Requests.

  • 98.34% of customers are engaged in Engagement Meter.

  • Tracked 486,728 website visitors and 5,427 customers’ behavior across the website.

  • Assigned  2.43 Million Loyalty Points to RawFedK9’s customers. 


Engagement Events


Customers Engaged


Audience Tracked


Loyalty Points Assigned

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

We have found this app very helpful for boosting sales and collecting reviews. The support has been brilliant and they set most of it up for me.

~ Wool n Stuff

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