Unlocking Loyalty Success: Rawfedk9 drove a 35.5% Repeat Purchase Rate with AiTrillion!

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About RawFedK9

RawFedK9 is the result of years of dedication to pet health and well-being, and it was founded to provide all pet owners with an easier, more convenient, and more economical option to feed their pets a prey model raw diet made with high-quality ingredients.

RawFedK9 remains committed to serving its growing customer base with convenient, inexpensive, and high-quality ingredients, including Prey Model Raw Pet Food.


  • 63.2% of all revenue comes from smart popups.
  • 26.6% of conversions are from the announcement bar.
  • 34% open rate for welcome emails.
  • 64% of subscribers taking advantage of the welcome discount.
  • 423,325 engagement events achieved.

How AiTrillion Helped RawFedK9

1. Welcome popup for new visitors

The initial campaign was aimed at users who arrived on the site for the first time. The major goal was to persuade these visitors to subscribe to Raw Fed K9’s newsletter, distribute loyalty points, provide a means of continued connection with them, and engage more effectively. Regardless of whether they made a quick purchase. To do this, a standard welcome popup was used, which offered discounts to new email subscribers.

2. Replacing Multiple Applications

Rawfed uses AiTrillion for email marketing, loyalty incentives, product evaluations, smart popups, online push notifications, and announcement bars to provide hyper-personalized customer experiences, resulting in 423,325 customer engagement events via a unified platform.v

3. AI-driven Personalized Recommendations

Reaching the right product at the right moment is critical for any Shopify brand. The platform allowed the brand to design tailored campaigns that targeted certain groups of their customer base, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates by offering an immersive shopping experience across the retail, mobile, and email with AI-powered personalized suggestions.

4. Boosting Repeat Purchases Via Loyalty

RawFedK9 used AiTrillion’s loyalty program tool to enhance client retention and generate repeat sales. Rawfed prioritizes the aesthetic appeal of its products, as evidenced by its website.

Rawfed’s rewards panel is as colorful, rewarding consumers for anything from account creation and reviews to referrals and social following, encouraging them to take action and engage with your brand. The brand saw a 35.5% repeat purchase rate amongst loyalty redeemers.

In addition to the appealing panel, Rawfed’s loyalty program provides a wide range of alternatives for customers to earn rewards through purchases and progress in the tier. Rawfed has enabled businesses of all sizes to benefit from being a member.

5. Review Collection & Management

Reviews are the best source to elevate your digital presence with stars and ratings. The brand used it right and saw an increase in reviews by offering loyalty points for reviews. Not only this, AiTrillion made collection, display, and overall management of the Reviews easy.

The reviews also helped the brand build trust at the first point of contact, helping them capture top-of-funnel traffic before their competitors.

6. In-depth Performance Analysis with AiTrillion's Advanced Analytics

With AiTrillion’s advanced analytics, RawFedK9 gained a deeper understanding of their audience’s preferences, behaviors, and interactions with their brand. They could identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement with precision, allowing them to tailor their strategies accordingly. By leveraging these insights, RawFedK9 optimized their campaigns to resonate more effectively with their target market, ultimately driving better results and ROI.