RawFedK9 Achieves an Impressive 163X ROI with Custom-Built Campaigns on AiTrillion's eCommerce Sales and Marketing Platform

We found AiTrillion very helpful for boosting sales and collecting reviews. The support has been brilliant and they set most of it for us



Revenue attributed from AiTrillion


Average conversion rate


Web push subscribers in the last 12 months


  • 🛒67% of all revenue comes from the smart popups
  • 🚀25% of conversions are from the announcement bar
  • 📈34% open rate for welcome emails
  • 🔥65% of subscribers taking advantage of the welcome discount

About RawFedK9

RawFedK9 is the result of years of dedication to the well-being of pets and was started with the dream of being able to provide all pet owners an easy, convenient, and more affordable way to feed their pets a prey model raw diet with quality ingredients.

RawFedK9 continues to stay true to its commitment to providing convenient, affordable, and quality ingredients, Prey Model Raw pet food to its growing customer base.

How AiTrillion helped RawFedK9

Welcome popup for new homepage visitors

The first campaign was targeted toward visitors who arrive on the homepage for the first time. The main aim was to persuade these visitors to subscribe to Raw Fed K9’s newsletter, providing a means of ongoing communication with them, regardless of whether they made an immediate purchase. To achieve this, a classic welcome popup was utilized, offering a $5 discount to new email subscribers.

Reward Popup design Shopify

Replaced 7-8 apps

Rawfed is using AiTrillion for email marketing, loyalty rewards, product reviews, smart popups, web push notifications, and announcement bars resulting in 374K customer engagement events.

Recommending products based on shopper’s behavior

The platform enabled the brand to create custom-built campaigns that targeted specific segments of their customer base, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Increase repeat purchases

AiTrillion’s loyalty program feature allowed RawFedK9 to increase customer retention and drive repeat purchases. It’s clear that Rawfed places a great deal of importance on the aesthetic appeal of their products, which is immediately evident upon landing on their website. As expected, their Rawfed rewards Panel is equally vibrant, colorful, and visually appealing, in keeping with the overall style of their website.

In addition to beautiful panel, Rawfed has implemented a loyalty program that offers a broad spectrum of options for customers to earn rewards. From micro actions like following on social media to larger ones like making a purchase, Rawfed has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to benefit from being a member.

Review generation increased

The brand saw an increase in reviews by offering loyalty points for reviews.

Shopify product reviews

Clear metrics to judge performance

AiTrillion provided RawFedK9 with advanced analytics and reporting tools, allowing them to track performance and make data-driven decisions to further optimize their campaigns.

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