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Digital Marketing Manager (SaaS)

Digital Marketing Manager (SaaS)

Experience – 5+Years
Location – Bangalore/Indore, India

About the role @ is One Of The Fastest Growing (100% BootStrapped & Profitable) eCommerce marketing automation platforms for Shopify & launching various eCommerce product inline for all other e-commerce platforms this year.

With over 100,000+ Installations Across AiTrillion Apps on Shopify & more than 40,000+ active worldwide customers, AiTrillion is a leader in Shopify & eCommerce marketing automation platform and G2 Awarded High Performer Winter 2021 Award recently. The world has changed and we’re changing with it! Although our roots are in e-commerce, we are working with many of the world’s most innovative brands on the renaissance of online and in-person commerce, powered by AiTrillion technology.

As our merchants reinvent themselves with courage, ingenuity, and drive, we too are reimagining our future.

Job Description & Specifications

We are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Digital Marketer to join our Marketing team!

As a Digital Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for planning, implementing, and managing our Digital Marketing strategy. As our online presence is extremely important for the success of the business, your position will play a huge role in driving our business growth and success.

  • Design and oversee all aspects of Digital marketing including marketing database, Content, emails, PPC, and Display advertising
  • Create a strategy road map, setting goals & milestones for marketing, brand stewardship, customer experience & demand generation for each Geo, and the ability to deliver on plans and revenue targets
  • Is deeply customer-obsessed and creates campaigns in alignment with buyer personas and product – market- customer fit
  • Conduct keyword research, build campaigns, write ad copy, manage bids and regularly optimize campaigns
  • Set up A/B test campaigns, analyze results and make strategic recommendations
  • Develop and Manage campaign budgets to deliver on defined metrics
  • Provide regular and ad hoc reports, both client-facing and internal Knowledge & Experience Requirements
  • In-depth knowledge of the technologies and processes involved in running PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns (particularly Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and other web analytics packages).
  • Increasing the user base by means of privileges and subscription schemes.
  • Work closely with Inside Sales and sales team on lead pipeline funnel, to deliver the right quality and quantum of leads for each market and support the sales teams to deliver their best
  • Has a keen eye for growth hacking and looks for opportunities to maximize ROI through owned, earned, or paid assets
  • Minimum 4 yrs of experience in Digital Marketing for product based company

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