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Accelerate your business’ growth, and uncover opportunities with real-time customer insights.


ECommerce Focused Reports

ECommerce Focused Reports

AiTrillion analytics is eCommerce focused. It can track the engagement activity and behavior of the customers on your website. It can be a powerful measure and decision-making tool.

Easy To Understand

Easy to Understand

It is made simpler and easy for Shopify sellers. You can choose the best time to send emails, web push notifications by analyzing the behavior of the customers. In general, AiTrillion gathers basic information about user behavior on your site.

It provides real-time possibilities to engage your customers at particular points in your funnel, on certain pages, exit-intent popups when they click to leave, or for segmented audiences. It collates the data and presents it to you in extremely easy-to-comprehend reports. With AiTrillion analytics, you can take real-time actions based on your analytics report.


Extract Valuable Insights

Extract Valuable Insights

Get deep insights into customers’ buying habits and lifestyle preferences to predict more accurate buying behaviors and take smart decisions for immense growth.

Increase Engagement with Real Customer Data

Increase Engagement with Real Customer Data

We focus on the fundamentals, understanding business needs, obtaining the right data, and applying the appropriate analytics/machine learning techniques. We make it easy for you to be data-driven and increase engagement with personalization.

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Get Minute Details Of Your Audience

Get Minute Details of your Audience

With predictive modeling, data visualization, and segmentation, we allow sellers to track every minute detail of their customers to improve marketing strategy and open a huge opportunity for them to explore more in the market.

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