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Health and wellness eCommerce marketing platform

AiTrillion For


Capture your customer at every step of the purchase process and deliver personalized experiences. Building trust among your target audience is a must, especially for Health and wellness. We help brands to gain that trust with all proven marketing approaches.

You Know Health and Wellness.
We Know Marketing.

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Trusted By The World’s Fastest-Growing
health and wellness brands

Aitrillion proudly serves the businesses driving the health and
wellness ecommerce industry forward.

Setup Emails & Web Push to Send Personalized Messages

Build Marketing Automation

Easily Create Personalized Customer Journeys.

Use our new and unique visual journey designer to create more timely emails & push that keep your audience engaged, and automatically drive revenue.

AiTrillion lets you focus on your core business and product development. Once all features are set up, it works mostly on automation and engages more customers.

Increase Your Subscribers

Convert Early Stage Visitors Into Leads

The popup adds more value to the visitors if it contains something valuable. Add coupon code, an exclusive offer for new visitors, a flat discount, etc to engage your visitors with your brand. Offering incentives through popup help you grow your email list better than any other way. It also helps in creating a sense of urgency.

Make them feel that they have only limited time to grab that offer. This email popup strategy is followed by many online fashion and apparel brands.

Reviews & Ratings

Inspire Buyer Confidence & Drive More Sales.

Reviews and other forms of user-generated content infuse confidence and trust in buyers.

Allow your customers to rate and review your products & store, display star ratings underneath each product on category pages.

Customers Segmentation

Targeted Campaign Delivery

If you’re looking to improve the performance of your fashion and apparel email campaigns, segmentation is a great place to start. There are endless ways that you can decide to segment your list. A segment is the best way to send a super-targeted message to a particular section of your customer.

Segment your audience based on location, the previous product ordered, average order value, last engaged by, etc.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Increase repeat purchases across platforms

Create a loyalty program with attractive offers. Reward customers for purchases and on-site activities – such as sharing reviews, social follows, and site visits.

Customers can collect these points and redeem them for rewards to spend on clothing and accessories at your store, fostering long-term loyalty and boosting your revenue. It also nurtures aid by rewarding customers for referring friends and family to your store. Not only is this a cost-effective acquisition strategy, but it also grows consumer trust.

Web Push Notifications

Promote the latest fashion trends with web push notifications.

Create an amazing shopping experience to retain your customers and inspire them to keep coming back with Push Notifications. Provide intent-based offers with product images and remind them about their abandoned cart. Send messages based on events, behavior, interests, exciting offers, and much more.

Guaranteed ROI




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Streamlined your marketing strategy with real-time
customer data

Faster Integration.
Smoother sales.

Optimize for speed and conversion with AiTrillion’s customizable, and fast integration. Fashion brands that have been associated with us have witnessed a 4X rise in sales and up to $4000 savings.

Engage customers
wherever they are.

Reach your viewers where they are. Send offers, alerts, and recommendations across any device or channel, including push notifications and sell where your customers shop.

Streamline your every

campaign at one point.

Say goodbye to slash unnecessary apps forever. AiTrillion empowers you to manage all marketing channels within one platform. The first integrated tool that all you automate demand-generating campaigns.

No more hassle only sales.

Understand every

Build a broad understanding of your customer base. Understand which customers are more likely to churn? What behavior do your loyal customers show? Use these insights to build more engaging experiences for your audience.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

“I took on Aitrillion not long after they launched on the App store. I wanted to combine all daily used apps into one app and cut costs. At the start, it looked great and they promised everything. I am a computer engineer so this gave them the benefit of doubt. There were lots of issues and emails to start but over time and with their support they really customized bugs I found, all improvements I suggested.

Their support does listen and take on board what you require. I think AiTrillion will go places in the future with their software. I think their interface needs a facelift from a modern design point of view but that’s only aesthetics. Updating templates with topical seasonality and current trends. And to allow push subscribes a lesser fee than being charged as a full-contact. Wishing you all success with your brand”.

— Portfashion

Case Studies/brand profiles of
Fashion Stores

House of Blouse Experienced Phenomenal Growth within Months by Assigning 467k+ Loyalty Points

Gia Rose Increased Customer Engagement Rate to 99.16% with AiTrillion!

Portfashion Increased Customers Engagement by 93.01% after Migrating to AiTrillion

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