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Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Job Location: India(Remote)
Experience : Minimum 5 years

A senior HR professional who has a comprehensive understanding of and expertise in how the HR function makes a line of business within the company successful.
Job responsibilities typically include coaching executives about HR issues such as strategic planning, developing supportive HR and organizational strategies, analyzing talent requirements, recruiting, onboarding & managing.
The candidate must have the strong general business knowledge and specific experience within the employer’s business sector that allows them to use HR capabilities to support organizational business goals in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Talent Development.

Job Responsibilities

  • Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Talent Development.
  • Team scaling across the US & India.
  • Recruiting top team heads & talent-focused with AiTrillion sales operations.
  • Scaling up with speed, and efficiency while optimizing employee acquisition cost.
  • Ensuring the right quality of candidate selection by implementing the approved hiring process.
  • Create a strong talent brand through strategic EVP initiatives.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a Lead in a leading organization.
  • Must have served as HR Manager or Assistant HR for 2 years in any fast-growing organization.
  • Experience in delivering HR Scaleup in alignment with fast business growth.
  • Experience in critical leadership hiring across India & the US.

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