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Grow Your Members and Recurring Income

Our Shopify membership app helps in converting one-time customers into recurring customers. You can
customize subscription plans, offers, and billing options to make them work best for your customer.

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Easy Payment via Shopify Directly

Leveraging Shopify’s native checkout system, customers can now purchase memberships directly through Shopify’s streamlined checkout process.

Hide/Show Pages and Collection

With our Shopify membership program, you can make a certain page/post visible only to the members. You can add customized content and indicate that there is more content that non-members cannot see – it is the best nudge to make them become a member!

Send Renewal Reminders Through Emails

Shopify Recurring Membership Platform allows you to customize your member application form with multiple membership fields, levels, and discount codes. With the AiTrillion all-in-one marketing platform, you can set up automated emails, web push notifications, and SMS to welcome new members instantly, at any time of the day or night.

Members Will Be Auto-tagged

Exclusive member tags are available to make member segments easy for sellers. With AiTrillion’s membership program, you can easily add members in a particular category based on auto-tagging.

Create unlimited exclusive member tiers to give your members different levels of access to special pricing, exclusive products, and content.

Exclusive Features of Recurring Membership

Drive revenue with recurring membership renewal and maximize retention. Effortlessly find outstanding payments. Shopify Recurring Membership improves a customer experience by reducing the conflict that occurs with repeated manual payments and ensures a stable cash flow for the business.

  • Assigning pages and collections
  • Securely handling paid membership payments
  • Supporting one-time and recurring payment

How AiTrillion Recurring Membership is Different

Our Shopify Membership module helps you make smarter decisions based on immediate insights into your member’s activities. Analyzing the membership also helps in upselling and cross-selling your products and services.

Custom Registration Form

Design custom forms for members with our drag & drop form builder. Capture all details while they sign up on a member’s plan.

Easily Record Captured Leads

Customers that tried to purchase memberships but did not complete the process are valuable leads. AiTrillion’s membership software allows you to capture and record them.

Customizable Membership Trial Periods

Offer a free trial period and exclusive discount codes on purchasing membership plans to specific members.

Recurring Payments & Subscriptions

Charge recurring payments on plan renewal and create an order for each successful payment made.

Discounted Product Prices

Members can purchase with discounted pricing from the store. Offer discount % based on the plan and discount code will be automatically applied on checkout.

Wholesale Sign Up

Enable wholesale account signup, automatically show them discounted pricing for all products. You can also approve or decline signup customers from the admin panel.

Exclusive Features of Recurring Membership App

Affordable Recurring Membership App

This affordable Recurring Membership App also protects the content in Pages, Collections, and Products so that they are visible only to members.

Unlimited Membership Access Level

Set up unlimited membership levels (example: free, silver, gold, etc.) and protect your posts and pages as per the membership levels you create.

User-Friendly Interface For Content Protection

You can easily assign protected pages and collections to specific memberships. Non-members viewing a protected page will be prompted to log in or become a member.

Frequently asked questions about Recurring membership

What is a recurring membership program?

A recurring membership program is a subscription-based model where customers pay a recurring fee, usually on a monthly or yearly basis, in exchange for access to exclusive benefits, products, or services.

What are the benefits of having a recurring membership program?

The benefits of having a recurring membership program include a predictable revenue stream, increased customer loyalty and retention, and the ability to offer exclusive products or services.

How can I create a successful recurring membership program?

To create a successful recurring membership program, you should identify your target audience, define your goals and KPIs, determine the benefits or value that you can offer to members, and create a seamless onboarding and membership experience.

What types of benefits can I offer in my recurring membership program?

You can offer a variety of benefits in your recurring membership program, including exclusive discounts, early access to new products or services, personalized experiences, and access to exclusive content or events.

How can I promote my recurring membership program to my customers?

You can promote your recurring membership program to your customers through your website, social media channels, email marketing campaigns, and in-store promotions. Additionally, you can incentivize referrals by offering additional benefits or discounts for referring friends or family.

How can I measure the success of my recurring membership program?

You can measure the success of your recurring membership program by tracking metrics such as membership growth, churn rate, customer lifetime value, and overall ROI.

How can I continuously improve my recurring membership program?

You can continuously improve your recurring membership program by regularly collecting and analyzing customer feedback, regularly testing and optimizing benefits and program structure, and incorporating new features or benefits based on customer preferences and industry trends.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in creating a recurring membership program?

Common mistakes to avoid in creating a recurring membership program include offering benefits that are not meaningful or valuable to your customers, making the program too complicated or difficult to understand, not regularly promoting the program, and not regularly analyzing and optimizing the program based on customer feedback and performance data.

How can I ensure compliance with recurring membership program regulations?

To ensure compliance with recurring membership program regulations, you should clearly state the terms and conditions of the program, provide a clear cancellation policy, and follow regulations such as the FTC’s Negative Option Rule.

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“Expedita eos officiis ipsam autem quia rerum inventore. Tempora qui vel enim dolores doloribus. Culpa praesenti.”

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