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Abandoned Cart Recovery By Web Push


Over 3/4 of shoppers choose to leave the site without completing a purchase

It’s common for shoppers to abandon the cart. By sending customized push notifications you can reduce cart abandonment and recover sales.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Assure a higher checkout rate by sending reminders to your customers to complete their purchase.


Cart Reminder Sequence

AiTrillion’s powerful feature sends a sequence of 3 reminders. Each is designed uniquely to trigger urgency and bring back your customers to complete checkout.


Change Time Intervals

To maximize your reach, you can easily set the time intervals. Reminders can be sent from 5 minutes to 72 hours after cart abandonment.


Easy to Customize

You can customize the message as per your requirement to make it more compelling for your customers. To ensure a high recovery rate, you can add discounts, offers, and free shipping.

How It Works


Cart Abandonment

When a customer leaves their cart, they are added to the Abandoned Cart Reminder queue.


First Reminder

You can send the first reminder to the customer after 30mins after abandonment.


Successful Purchase

This sequence of reminders helps in re-engaging the customers and entice them to finish their purchase


Second Reminder

If they don’t checkout, a second reminder can be sent 1 hour after abandonment


Third Reminder

If the customer still hasn’t completed the purchase, a final reminder can be sent 24 or 48 hours after abandonment.

Automated Cart Recovery

Upon completion of this sequence, your cart recovery starts functioning on its own. It will help you target every abandoned cart into successful sales.

AiTrillion’s smart automation helps you to analyze conversions and enrich the reminders to decrease cart abandonment and increase your sales.

Dynamic Product Images

Product images within each abandoned cart reminder are automatically generated based on the products left in the cart by the customer. 

The customer will see the image of the product which was added to the cart. This helps trigger the customer to complete the purchase.

Reports and Analytics

You can easily see the detailed insights of the carts recovered, revenue generated, push impressions, the performance of the abandoned cart reminders.

Keeping the track of all the statistics will help to optimize your strategy.

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