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Iconswim: A Luxury Swimwear Brand in the USA

Iconswim: A Luxury Swimwear Brand in the USA

Icon Swim

Icon Swim is a well know, trend-setting swimwear store, where you can find high-quality beachwear at an affordable price. They design eye-rolling swimwear to bolster confidence and drop jaws, Here customers always find the perfect style for any event.

Spreading positivity, diversity, and self-love, we believe anyone can be an Icon. #Icon Swim 

Icon Swim

Atlanta rapper Latto has collaborated with Icon Swim to issue the Core Collection, which includes various styles of bikinis, monokinis, and dresses. The swimwear brand also collaborated with City Girls for a celebrity collection.

Iconswim has been in business since 2015 and focuses on providing affordable quality. They design and manufacture all of their own pieces. Each and every design of the collection is finalized after brainstorming with the team and watching the latest trends that are getting huge hype.

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Major Vacay Vibes Ahead

At Iconswim, you will find Skin-baring styles in every color and design that are valiantly cut to the hip bone — or beyond. The string bikinis are perfect to show the curves that you are hiding for a long. Swimsuits that cinch the waist, and push one’s cleavage up and booty out, are farthest in cut and forbearing in price, making them all the more accessible. With 1.3 m Instagram followers, Icon Swim is claiming that styles that once sat on the edges of fashion are now going mainstream.

Swim suit

Iconswim Loyalty & Referral Program

Iconswim, an e-commerce swimwear brand, uses a loyalty rewards program to help increase its sales and customer engagement. Iconswim uses this program to incentivize customers who really enjoy buying from them and has been their loyal customers for a long time. With Icon Swim Loyalty Program, customers can earn points at every interaction with the brand.

Loyalty Reward Program is the most trendy way to improve customer engagement and many know brands are using this strategy to retain their old customers. With AiTrillion, it becomes easier than ever for Shopify store owners to integrate loyalty apps. With to use of dashboard and explanatory video store owners are incentivizing their customers for more than 15+ activities. 

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