Email Marketing Automation



AI-Powered Email Marketing to Boost your sales

Increase your sales, nurture your subscribers, and advance your brand visibility with professional emails and automated email marketing.

Email Templates

Creative Email Templates with Drag & Drop Editor

Start your Email Marketing with creative email templates.. Choose an email template, edit the content, select your audience, and send your campaign.

  • Exclusive 50+ predesigned email templates and graphics gallery.
  • Easily customize templates with a drag and drop editor.
  • Add products dynamically based on collection and product recommendations.
  • Personalize the email templates with shortcodes easily.

List and Dynamic Segments

Reach more Targeted Audience with Real-Time Segments

AiTrillion segments update automatically based on customer behavior in real-time. Now you can send personalized emails to a more segmented audience in real-time. With 11+ modules like Loyalty points & reviews, create more behavior-based segments, and send targeted emails.

  • Segments based on 40+ exclusive customers triggers
  • Real-time segments updates
  • Prebuilt Customer Segments to get started quickly
  • Upload your manual list through CSV importer
AiTrillion Email Customer Segmentation

Email Marketing Automation

Behavior-Based Automated Email & Push Campaigns

Automate email and push series that communicate with customers based on their activities in the store.

With AiTrillion email automation you will be able to:

  • Send automated email series with 11+ inbuilt workflow templates.
  • Allow behavioral triggers, like Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, Post-purchase, Welcome series, etc.
  • Integration with Loyalty point, review, and push makes it more powerful.
  • Track real-time email performance (open/click) and create more targeted automation.
  • Create timed-based triggers for customer retention.

Realtime Tracking

Real-time Performace Tracking

Highly accurate tracking and attribution for every step of a customer’s journey through your website. Find out the actions of your particular customer and adjust your campaigns based on recorded results and the feedback you’ve gathered.

You can look for and record results on:

  • Email open
  • Email delivery
  • Unsubscribers
  • New subscribers
  • Click-through rates
  • Orders Placed

Dynamic Content

20+ Personalized Tags with Automatic Products and Unique Discount Codes for each Email

Create dynamic email templates for sending email automation workflow series. Send personalized tags, automatic products and unique discount offers to customers.

  • Make your emails more dynamic with Create and Manage Advanced Segments In real-time.
  • Send recently viewed products of the customers in browse abandonment automation.
  • Unique discount codes to your customers on every email sending.


Minimize Email Bounce Rate

AiTrillion validates recipients’ email addresses, before sending it! Now, no need to worry about your bounced emails, and block rates, just focus on what really matters to your business- customers’ engagement and growth.

  • Email throttling to improve deliverability
  • Trigger exact emotions with personalized content
  • Behavioral tracking for crafting more engaging emails

Full Visual Report

Complete Analytics Reporting to Drive Strategy

Know how well your email campaigns work, track all the numbers you need, including sent, opens, and clicks. Find your best email campaign and low performing email campaign and tweak it for optimal performance.

  • Number centric reporting that focuses on your growth
  • Complete graphical report of an email Sent, Open, Click, Orders, Order Amount, and Created Date. 
  • Track total orders and sales are done through each campaign.
  • Get detailed list of customers who open/click the emails.
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