Increase Engagement & Sales by Loyalty, Reward Points & Social Referral

Engage your customers by awarding points for any activity performed on your site.

Give rewards to increase customer retention, build loyalty, and reduce other advertisement costs.

How does AiTrillion Loyalty Program helps your Store?

Engage Customer

Win back customers and engage them by giving them loyalty points. Customers will purchase again to redeem loyalty points on store.

Boost Social Audience

Loyalty increases social traffic. Customers share store and products to get points and hence you will get their social traffic on the store.

Get New Customers

Refer a Friend is a most useful feature of the store. Customers share the store with there friends to get referral points hence you get new visitors.

Reward your customers for their store engagement

Give points to the customers based on different activities they perform.

Create an Account

Give points when a customer creates an account.

Make a Purchase

Give points when customer orders something.

Visit Store

Give points when customer visit your store.

Follow On Social Media

Give points when the customer follows you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

Happy Birthday

Give points when a customer adds their birth date.

Refer a Friend

Give points when a customer refers a friend.

Buy $X get Y points

Give points when a customer makes $X amount of purchase.

On X Orders get Y points

Give points when a customer makes X times purchase.

Share on Social Platform

Give points when a customer share your store on social profile.

Offer rewards to the customer for the points they have Earned.

Money off

A fixed amount off on customer’s entire order (e.g. $5 off)

Percentage Discount

A percentage discount off on customer’s entire order (e.g. 5% off)

Free Shipping

Provide Free Shipping Codes on a specific amount of points.

Free Product(voucher)

Give any product free on specific amounts of points of the customer.

Product Discount(voucher)

Give X% off on any product, on any specific points redeemed.
  • Reward your existing customers when they refer their friends and family to your Shop. Reward Both the Sender and the Receiver.
  • A referral program is most effective when both the person sending and receiving are incentivized.
  • You can run the refer a friend popup exclusively on the store without running full loyalty system too.

Why should I use AiTrillion’s Loyalty Referrals and Rewards?

Easy to Use

In just one click, we’ll get you up and running with a program that rewards customers for purchasing, referring, and creating a store account.

Advance Widgets

We have more advanced features like snippets to add to any page for current point status, separate refer a friend popup module and many more.

Advance Customer Analytics

Get a detailed insight of your customers and check their Loyalty metrics.

Awesome Notifications

Notify your customers about the loyalty program, ask them to sign up, and remind them whenever they have enough points to redeem for a reward.

Custom Design Panel

Customize and apply your own design principles to the look and feel of your loyalty program. Apply your brand’s aesthetic on both desktop and mobile. If you need help, we’re here for you.