FIT Depot used 137K+ Engagement Events to Grow Sales Remarkably


FIT Depot is an online store made up of a network of associates located in different cities in Mexico. They strive daily to be the most innovative and recognized leading company dedicated to marketing sports pharmacology and biotechnology with medications and supplements that enhance athletic performance while promoting healthy physical appearance. 

At FIT Depot, they seek total quality in service and products, they always act with integrity, honesty, and the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards.

How We Did It

  • Successfully accomplished 137,995 engagement events which include Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Smart Popups, Announcement Bar, Chatbot, Loyalty Rewards, and Review Requests.

  • 100% of Fitdepot’s customers are engaged in Engagement Meter.  

  • Tracked  167,172  website visitors and 1,677 customers’ behavior across the website.

  • Assigned  211,453   Loyalty Points among FIT Depot’s customers.


Engagement Events


Customers Engaged


Audience Tracked


Loyalty Points Assigned

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