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Global AiTrillion Online Ecommerce Report (as on June 2022)

AiTrillion has built an enterprise solution to bridge the gap between Shopify stores and marketing activities to boost your customer engagement and retention with 100% automation. It is designed to unlock the potential of your Shopify store. AiTrillion gives you the power of 11+ actionable touchpoints for quick sales, automated marketing, intelligent engagement with customers, and many more.

AiTrillion presents to you ‘Global AiTrillion Insights: Online Ecommerce Report’  – a whitepaper to understand online shopper’s behavior globally in the ecommerce industry. Utilize this insight to boost sales using not just email, but also, using loyalty rewards program, web push, reviews, announcement bar, and more.

Quick Summary from the Report 

eCommerce shoppers across the world used AiTrillion to achieve the following:

  • Online Shoppers coverage from 175+ countries
  • 3.81+ Million customers engaged
  • 70.89+ Billion loyalty points assigned
  • 155,299 product reviews received
  • 64.33 Million emails delivered worldwide to their customers & 12.41 million emails opened
  • 8.22 Million push impressions | 221,365 push notifications clicked

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