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    What is AiTrillion?

    AiTrillion is an all in one marketing platform for Shopify to boost sales and customer engagement with multiple touch points like Email Automation, Loyalty Program, Reviews & QA Program, Web Push Notifications, Customer Insights & A Lot More.

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    Why AiTrillion?

    1. Ease of use: We are committed to delivering the product which makes the life of merchants easier. Just plug the app and by following few quick steps, you can set up awesome engagement features in just one app.
    2. Marketing Automation: We know the value of time and as a seller, you must focus on multiple task and you can’t just focus on managing websites and a lot of apps. We provided exclusive features in one app and very much focused on “Customer Engagement with Automation”.
    3. Multiple Apps or Just One APP?
      Some merchants are very much frustrated with multiple apps on their store. Every time you need any feature, you are guided towards a new app on the Shopify app store. You will find yourself in many of the problems below:
    • My Store Running Slow: Yes, multiple apps load one after other and make the store loading speed slow.
    • Customer Support Issue: With multiple apps, you have to connect with multiple support and find the setup instructions as well as resolve the issues.
    • Integration Not Available: This is a major problem of the merchants, you want to send custom emails for loyal customers from the loyalty program, you want to give reward points if customers allow access to push or give a review, you want your recently viewed products from the product recommendation to be sent in email automation, you want to review and loyalty program recommendations in your popups.
    • Data Security: Yes, who doesn’t want their customers’ data to be secured and store safely on servers like AWS. With multiple apps, you have to share all your data and they do all engineering in the back end. So every app is saving your data on their database and you don’t know which servers they are using and in which part of the world your data is stored.

    With AiTrillion, we assure 100% data safety and saved securely on only AWS server.

    Benefits of AiTrillion

    1. Customer Retention: The primary motive behind AiTrillion is to retain customers by multiple touch-points on your store like a Loyalty rewards programs, reviews, web push notifications, email marketing, etc.
      Increase revenue: Increasing customer retention helps boost profits simply because loyal customers already have trust in your brand and therefore are likely to spend more.
    2. Save Money: While creating and implementing an AiTrillion is an investment, customer retention strategies are often less expensive than attracting new customers. Acquiring new customers can be 25% more expensive than retaining current customers.
    3. Gather Valuable Data: Most modern consumers prefer a personalized experience, with more than half of the Generation reporting personalization as a high priority.
    4. Make Consumers Feel Appreciated: A comprehensive, personalized loyalty program will make your customers feel like they have an emotional connection with your brand and will increase customer patience in case of mishaps. You can increase appreciation by incorporating “surprise and delight” points or rewards for special occasions such as a customer’s birthday.
    5. Increase Sales: By personalizing the consumer shopping experience through gathered data, you can make better suggestions to your customers, which will then increase the likelihood that your customers will purchase a suggested product.
    6. Measure Loyalty through Engagement: Program data allows you to track analytics and view reports, measuring the efficacy of customer loyalty on your sales. Measure important retention metrics like program engagement, repeat customer rate, and purchase frequency.
    7. Better Communication: AiTrillion Loyalty programs give you a direct way to communicate to customers, which can be particularly useful in an emergency such as a recall. By matching purchase dates, you can email relevant customers about a recalled product instead of sending out a generalized email which will be ignored. In addition, you can utilize your loyalty program to promote sales, special events, and showcase new products.
    8. Attract New Customers: A good rewards program can attract new customers in several ways. First, if you offer points or discounts for a signup, you will automatically be able to add new customers to your mailing list simply because customers want to take advantage of discounts. Meanwhile, if a customer sees a good loyalty program where rewards are within reach, they are more likely to try your brand simply because the rewards are easily accessible.

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