Want to create a conversion funnel to see where people are dropping off?? Landed at the right place! 

Did you know your customer DATA can unleash your sales potential? 

Yess! It sure can boost your sales to the next level. As a business, you have a customer database however, less information. This is because mining from a flood of customer data can get quite puzzling. The right eCommerce automated marketing platform can help you to drill customer insights deeply and skyrocket your sales.

Let’s think about the barriers to your conversion ratios for a bit.


To turn customer data into actionable insights, AiTrillion’s AI fueled automated marketing tools can help you mine customer data into segments. We help you in sales funnel analysis to identify the percentage of customer drop-offs at different stages of the checkout.

So, start finding fences that are creating problems and areas that need improvement to boost your sales.

To enhance sales, the integration of artificial intelligence is inevitable. Your sales percentages can drastically upshot with the use of more relevant and significant insights into customers. AiTrillion’s Ai-powered personalized solutions can communicate with your potential leads, predict prospects that are most likely to close, recommend the most important sales actions to take, forecast results and optimize pricing.

BCFM is just around the corner. The beauty of BFCM is that it can put your eCommerce store in positive revenue positions & set you up for success by growing your audience this year. Our personalized data-based insights are designed and ready to segment your customer base and craft targeted marketing campaigns for maximized results. It effectively pushes customer-focused content in every step of the customers’ purchase journey. 

AiTrillion’s best-of-breed features fit your unique eCommerce business needs and give you the flexibility to adapt to changing customer behaviors. It includes:

Welcome email series

Welcome email templates

Ai is irreplaceable! It lets eCommerce stores concentrate on building relations and closing deals more effectively. Using an Ai automated welcome email series improves brand loyalty which significantly increases the average profit per customer.

AiTrillion helps you to send real-time welcome emails as its transaction rates are higher than the batched emails. According to a survey, real-time welcome emails have an 88% open rate compared to just 53% of bulk welcome emails.

If you’re not sending a welcome email within seconds of the person subscribing, you’re lowering the chances of that customer making a purchase.

Don’t forget email marketing boost long-term engagement by 33% and generate 3 times more revenue.

Win back losing customers email series

Win back lossing customer

Our win back losing customer email series is a powerful customer retention tool for online retailers. Our customized mail series encourage repeat purchases, making your eCommerce business less dependant on the sometimes unreliable flow of new customers. Automated email series helps you increase your brand reach and get better customers who spend more money with you.

According to Harvard Business Review “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5, to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.”  So start working on your customer retention strategies and win your race!

Capture reviews with email and smart popups


With an automated email series, you can nurture your relationships with your buyers and can give them memorable experiences. 

Let them know that they are contributing to the growth of your organization with attractive rewards points emails which directly empower them to buy more and automatically increase your sales.

AiTrillion’s automated email series and smart popups drip-feeds your information to your new customers, build long term relationship, and creates a higher likelihood of turning them into potential customers.

Abandoned cart recovery with email and push

Abonded cart

Our specially designed emails and push notifications for abandoned cart recovery have a disruptive quality that provides miraculous opportunities to buyers to scale exponentially.

Offering a percentage discount on their next order, AI-driven product recommendations, and personalized sale haul notifications can turn a lapsed customer back into an active buyer. Setting up automated real-time push messages bring back customers to complete the transaction process. 

Loyalty points automatic emails


Loyalty points emails are another way to increase your sales. Once you get customer behavior insights, you can create customized emails that can effectively connect and engage your existing and future customers.

With our referral program and automated loyalty points, you can motivate your customers to purchase and increase their engagement in the store. Our powerful inbuilt Tier system, give more value to your best customers.

Use our advanced widgets, customer analytics, customized design panel, and enthralling notifications to turn your visitors into potential customers. 

Product recommendation auto emails

Avail our automated advanced product recommendation tool and take your up-sell and cross-sell to different heights. Product recommendation holds the potential to boost your sales by personalizing the entire shopping journey of visitors.

Infuse our Real-Time recommendation algorithms with visitor’s behavior insight and make better suggestions to your customers, increase the possibilities of customer’s shopping which will directly enhance your ROI. 

Summing Up 

B2C marketers who leverage automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. – eMarketer

So what are you waiting for? Ecommerce automation has a great future and huge potential to reach the right people, at the right time. Tweak your current strategy now and integrate AiTrillion’s intelligent recommendations to personalize your customer journey with deep real-time insights, Ai-powered customer timeline, and customer segmentation. 

Save up to 72% of the with AiTrillion’s eCommerce automation and address your customer’s buying intent across different levels. 

This is a perfect time to seize the benefits of eCommerce automation. Get our powerful tailored tools for your E-commerce needs now!!