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Holistiworld Inc. Holistimart
Posted April 10, 2021

I got AiTrillion to help me take my business from a simple store to a superstore. It is great for growing your already successful store into a thriving store that is based on a creative and constructive experience for the customer. I was also impressed with the level of merchant support. In the future, I hope they continue to update and evolve their app to make it easier for the merchants to integrate other tools etc. Overall, I am grateful for coming across this app and am excited to see how it continues to help my store thrive.

Executive Supplements
Posted April 9, 2021

I love the support staff and the concept of this “app”, It is much more than one app, it is like many apps working together in a clever way
Try it. It is simple to work with

Posted April 5, 2021

This app is literally going to save me $400 in other app fess, AND ITS A BETTER PRODUCT! They also have AMAZING customer service. Im in the process of getting rid of at least 4 apps! This is possibly the best app value wise that we have purchased! Big appreciation from FragrantBodyOilz

Brigid's Garden Artisanal Soap
Posted April 2, 2021

Great support, easy to use. The one thing I needed help setting up so far (DKIM settings) they were able to give me clear instructions that solved the problem.

Ravenous Miniatures
Posted April 2, 2021

Customer service is great I needed help getting everything started and they had me set up within a day.

Je Suis Diva
Posted March 31, 2021

This app is overwhelmingly inclusive of just about everything I need…in a good way! With all of the moving parts it takes a minute to get acclimated and that where the A1 customer service comes in…you have to try this app, you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention, I received a phone call a few days after I downloaded the app from the customer success department to get a feel for my needs and to let me know that their team would be there to help with the onboarding and anything else I need. You can’t beat Great Customer Service!!!

Janelle Beauty
Posted March 26, 2021

This is quite a robust app so we needed help implementing some of the modules. It was a great customer service experience!

Abby Red Accessories
Posted March 20, 2021

I use this app for all email marketing and website popups. It is easy to navigate once you get the hand of it. I needed help on a few things that I didn’t understand but the guys over at AI Trillion were amazing! They always responded by email with different sources/videos that you can watch on their site to help you with whatever problem that you may have. They will also do a zoom call with you with screen share if you need assistance on something that you can’t find. I highly recommend this app and working with this team!

Posted March 15, 2021

Very easy to install and setup. The support is great, I’ve explained the problem I had ( Live-chat button overlapping the ‘get to the top’ button on mobile ) in an email, and they ‘surprised me’ in a day or two with my buttons remotely moved around and spaced out great, awesome app and awesome support!
Posted March 13, 2021

Love AiTrillion, tons of functions. And customer support is always quick and to the point. No need to subscribe multiple apps since AiTrillion literally has it all.


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