Annmarie Skin Care is an organic skincare brand for energized, botanically-infused products. They sell cruelty-free beauty products made from natural oils and herbs.

At Annmarie Skin Care they’ve created a pure and natural line of products with the bliss of nature. They believe that the beauty and balance of nature can produce products that make you look and feel wonderful.

Annmarie Skin Care is a Berkeley, California, based company, committed to sustainable practices. Since 2009 they have received outpouring support from wellness professionals like Kris Carr, Louise Hay, and Mark Hyman. 

Annmarie’s products have been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Organic Spa Magazine, and many other media outlets.

Honey-derived lactic acid

We consider our formulas to be more than just skincare. They carry rich scents and textures that provide a luxurious experience.#annmarieskincare

Annmarie creates high-quality, natural skin care products with a blend of natural ingredients that are deeply nourishing, hydrating, cleansing, and reinvigorating for the complexion. One of the secrets to making the products so effective is the month-long, low-heat steeping process. This formulates herbal extracts that contain the highest amount of vitamins and nutrients, making their products highly effective. This natural process also makes Annmarie’s products safe for everyone to use.

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Annmarie Skin Care customers have seen amazing results on their skin because of their nourishing, skin-balancing formulas- that carry rich scents and compositions that provide a pleasurable experience.

We handcraft skincare—using organic and wildcrafted ingredients—that promises beautiful, glowing skin. #annmarieskincare

The founders Annmarie and Kevin Gianni spread the message about good, clean, effective skin care through consumer education and a natural, organic, wild-crafted product range that works wonders on human skin.

Together with COO Rachel Archives, Annmarie’s team is dedicated to assisting people to make better choices about their skin, beauty, and overall health.