International Women’s Day is not just a date on the calendar; it’s a powerful occasion to honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women worldwide. As March 8th approaches, Shopify businesses have a unique opportunity to connect with their female audience in meaningful ways transforming their revenue opportunities.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 8 strategies to boost your Women’s Day marketing campaigns, from celebrating women’s accomplishments to fostering community engagement and driving impactful initiatives.

1. Celebrate Women and Their Achievements
Use personalized messages to make your female customers feel seen and valued.

2. Educate & Engage Your Audience
Encourage audience participation in your campaigns to foster a sense of community.

3. Launching New Campaigns 
Offer limited-edition products with a portion of proceeds going to women-focused charities.

Beyond promoting products, this presents a chance for brands to build loyalty and give customers additional reasons to connect with their values.

Let’s have a look at the strategies to improve your messaging before this year’s special event.

Let’s dive into it.

Top 8 Marketing Strategies for International Women’s Day

1. Drive Out-of-the-Box Campaigns

Ditch the traditional approach and focus your International Women’s Day email campaigns on proposing fundraising events or donation campaigns to support causes promoting women’s rights.

Also, choose a fresh perspective to celebrate women’s achievements, highlighting their efforts and accomplishments. Demonstrate your commitment to female empowerment by donating a portion of proceeds from Women’s Day promotions to a charity.

This approach not only sets you apart but also turns International Women’s Day into a powerful marketing opportunity.

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2. Educate & Engage Your Audience

Host online events with influential women speakers to educate and inspire your audience.

Collect feedback from women in your audience through surveys or polls to show their opinions matter.

P.S.- You can additionally include some of your best-selling products targeted toward women, along with social proof, to make them appear more trustworthy.

Create challenges, giveaways, or contests on social media to encourage your audience to share their stories.

If you’re not interested in offering special deals on this day but still want to initiate an engaging conversation with your audience, you can follow this tactic.

3. Instill Urgency with Motivator Bars

Need some inspiration to drive excitement among your customers and gamify the whole shopping experience with some elements of fun?

Capture attention and boost sales by using Sales Motivator Bars in emails to create urgency for limited-time offers. Feature countdown timers to emphasize exclusive deals available for a short duration and add a gamified element to the shopping experience.

This encourages visitors to spend more to receive the incentives or freebies associated with the promotion by setting goals for customers to meet as quickly as possible.

What is the plus point? You can persuade your hesitant customers to buy more, increasing your AOV.

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4. Offer Memberships & Subscriptions

Are you currently enjoying the perks of being a member of platforms like Netflix or Amazon? I certainly am. What draws us to these memberships is not just the access to a plethora of content but the additional benefits that come with being a recurring member.

Now, imagine applying this enticing concept to celebrate International Women’s Day! Consider creating special memberships or subscription packages with exclusive perks specifically designed for women. These could include early access to Women’s Day-themed content, exclusive discounts on women-centric products, or personalized recommendations that align with the diverse interests and preferences of female members.

This approach not only adds a new engagement dimension to celebrating International Women’s Day but also establishes a connection that goes beyond a one-time celebration.

5. Launch a Women’s Day Loyalty Program

You’ve probably come across a lot of marketing strategies implemented by major Shopify brands. What about SMBs with limited resources?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

AiTrillion’s Loyalty Program provides real-time, data-driven insights and loyalty analytics, allowing you to gain a comprehensive view of your customer data and loyalty program performance, as well as create deeper customer segmentation to deliver targeted campaigns with high-converting messages at the optimal time.

Fact Check: Loyalty redemption customers spend 89% more than non-redeemers. That’s huge!

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6. Enhance the Shopping Experience with Product Recommendations

Sure, it might not be the most innovative International Women’s Day concept you’ve ever seen. However, it will assist you to catch your client’s interest and retain their attention for a longer time.

AI is your best friend when it comes to impressing your female customers by taking into account their wants and previous purchasing history. Take customer satisfaction to the next level by offering a tailored product recommendation app to your Shopify clients and driving up to 35% higher conversions.

Create an engaging buying experience with personalized suggestions across your store, mobile, and email. Simplify the purchasing experience by providing curated product suggestions based on Women’s Day themes, hence enhancing customer engagement.

7. Going Beyond Personalization

Personalization is undoubtedly important in eCommerce, but customer expectations are growing increasingly complex.
According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Consumer survey, 65% of customers want businesses to adapt to their evolving requirements and preferences.

Segment your customer data and create targeted offers and communications tailored to the unique needs and interests of your female customers. Boost engagement and satisfaction by providing personalized recommendations, content, and promotions aligned with each customer’s profile.

Pro Tip: Women love personalization. Don’t just stop with a static understanding of their needs today; but about who they will be in 2024 and beyond, and what they will require tomorrow, next week, and at every other point in their customer journey with your brand.
So just Personalize, and Prioritize to grow your Shopify brand in the coming years.

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8. Drive Immediate Action with Time-Sensitive Offers

Consider this: by highlighting discounts via multi-channel marketing, you can increase sales while also supporting International Women’s Day in a completely organic way.

We at AiTrillion have a suite of engagement modules, all under one dynamic platform- E Mail+ Web Push + Popups, that induce immediate action by utilizing time-sensitive offers such as flash sales, limited-time discounts, or exclusive bundles through them.

This method is appropriate for Shopify shops in any industry, maximizing sales while perfectly harmonizing with the spirit of International Women’s Day.

Must try promotion ideas this IWD

Flash Sales

  • Create a sense of urgency with time-limited offers.
  • Prompt quick decision-making and boosted sales during a limited timeframe.

Exclusive Deals for Women

  • Tailor special promotions specifically for women.
  • Recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of your female customers.

BOGO Offers (Buy One, Get One)

  • Add value to purchases by offering a complimentary item.
  • Encourage larger orders and increase customer satisfaction.

Gift Guides

  • Simplify the shopping process with curated gift selections.
  • Guide customers through thoughtful and stress-free Women’s Day shopping.

Implementing these promotional ideas will not only celebrate Women’s Day but also enhance customer engagement, fostering lasting connections with your brand.

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7 Stores Run By Super Women

Managing your own business is not an easy task. Neither is raising a family. These superwomen not only created successful Shopify brands, but also managed their families with competence, intellect, and pure determination.
All of these female entrepreneurs have a story to tell about the hurdles they endured on their way to success. Check out their journey and be inspired.

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1. HueVine

The Ingrown Hair Innovators! HueVine is a wellness facility that provides ingrown hair removal, waxing, and facials. They offer a wide range of goods and believe in establishing an environment that combines exceptional customer care with an inviting atmosphere, as well as enterprise-level technology and results-oriented treatments.

“Being in the beauty industry my entire life. My mom was a top stylist in Detroit, and “hurry up and wait” was the culture. This means rushing and getting to your appointment only to sit and experience delays, breaks, and overbooking which was the norm. This was insane to me on all fronts.”Changing that, quickly learning through experience that this was the norm within all cultures and communities regardless of upbringing and ethnicity, HueVine was manifested.” – Danielle Huevine

House of Blouse sells Indian-made blouses and sarees to the global women who enjoy what they wear. This brand is all about embracing individualism. You can customize your blouse and give your saree assortment a unique touch. It’s a true marriage of imagination and fashion.

Roopa Reddy and her team began with a limited collection of blouses to offer clients an idea of their work, and people were drawn to the wonderful idea of bespoke blouses, where each thread tells a tale of timeless elegance.

Wow Baby is an Australian online retailer committed to offering Australian families a range of quality baby and mother care products at fantastic prices with fast, reliable delivery. At Wow Baby you can be assured of great pricing across a wide range of products.

Helen, the business owner of Wow Baby is also a Mum to a newborn in 2022. When preparing to be a new mother, she found it daunting to make sure she had all of the necessary goods to ensure she was prepared to care for not only her baby but also herself.

“As a busy mum myself with limited time to go shopping, I wanted to offer Australian families all the best products for babies, toddlers, and mammas from the convenience of their own home.”

MIK & ME is a proudly women-owned Australian baby boutique created by one mum for all mums, mom-to-be, and bubs. They aim to deliver their customers with the most stylish and timeless pieces of clothing and playful accessories.

“I launched Mik & Me 3 years ago after not feeling fulfilled with my career in teaching. Initially, it started as a side income however it has now become my full-time job.

At the heart of Mik & Me lies a deep-rooted belief in the power of women to transform industries, break stereotypes, and create meaningful change. The power of community has also been a major reason for my success. I couldn’t have done it alone. From friends and family to my Instagram family who cheered me on from the sidelines to fellow entrepreneurs who offered support and guidance, I was surrounded by a tribe of amazing individuals who believed in me and my brand. Hoping for a bigger and better year in 2024.

I love what I do and would encourage all women who are thinking about starting a business to go for it.” – Ozge

Hello, I’m Laura, the brains behind this E-shop, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to a world of exclusive deals and luxury finds. I founded this platform with a singular goal in mind – to grant you access to branded and even luxury products year-round, at unbeatable discounts ranging from -20% to -70%.

The Tropical Society is a bikini-selling company founded by a woman entrepreneur named Almma. They are situated in Florida and were influenced by the tropical climate. Their bikinis are famous for their distinctive and flattering styles. They are dedicated to offering their consumers with the highest quality bikinis.

“I started The Tropical Society with a mission to create the perfect bikini. As a Miami local and a beach lover, I understand the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in your swimwear.

I approach each collection with a goal to provide the best possible bikinis for my customers. I put my heart and soul into each piece, making sure that each design is unique, flattering, and of the highest quality.” – Almma

The Pink Pigs was created to provide fellow animal lovers like you with the opportunity to purchase high-quality things that will improve your life while also benefiting rescued animals. The Boutique is filled with carefully picked animal-themed and unique treasures, ranging from gifts and jewelry to apparel and more, all of which help us care for the animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. Our goal is to help other small nonprofits fund their wonderful work as well!

International Women’s Day cannot be overlooked, regardless of whether your target audience is female or male. For an increasing number of consumers, it is no longer acceptable for brands to ignore such moments.


That does not mean you have to start your social movement to advocate for women’s rights. But, at the very least, you should seize the chance to recognize the women in your own company.

Wrapping up as we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is crucial to recognize and applaud the remarkable achievements of working mothers and female entrepreneurs who are reshaping societal norms with their successful Shopify brands. At AiTrillion, we take immense pride in supporting and empowering these trailblazing individuals. Our commitment extends beyond mere acknowledgment; we are actively refining our unified platform, equipping it with diverse modules to elevate the growth of Shopify stores. Through continuous engagement and retention strategies, we aspire to contribute to the sustained success of these enterprises, ensuring they thrive and leave an indelible mark on the e-commerce landscape.

Let us work together to promote the spirit of progress and inclusivity for women beyond the Women’s Day celebration in 2024!

Celebrate International Women’s Day with winning marketing strategies.

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Why is Women's Day important for marketing strategies?

Women’s Day provides a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse and engaged audience, showcasing your brand’s values and commitment to inclusivity.

Are there specific themes that work well for Women's Day marketing?

Yes, themes like empowerment, unity, and celebrating achievements resonate strongly. Tailor your content to align with these positive messages.

How can I create a successful Women's Day email campaign?

Craft personalized messages, use vibrant visuals, and consider exclusive offers and giveaways. Make it about celebrating women rather than just promotional.

Why is marketing automation essential for Women's Day campaigns?

Marketing automation streamlines processes, ensuring timely and personalized messages. It helps manage diverse campaigns efficiently, enhancing overall effectiveness.

How does personalization enhance the impact of Women's Day marketing?

Personalization creates a more emotional connection, making women feel valued. Tailor messages and offers based on preferences for a more meaningful impact.