The digital era is filled with lots of opportunities, only you have to grab it at the right time otherwise someone else will utilize it. In a highly competitive environment, there are so many ways that can help eCommerce stores to get the market share they deserve.

Customer reviews are one of them!

Maintaining quality brand awareness on all digital platforms can help you get amazing customer reviews that could easily influence the buying journey of new customers.

However, this can backfire as well if not strategize properly.

Fortunately, there are tools available to help eCommerce merchants to level the playing field for getting reviews. AiTrillion continuously helps Shopify store owners to get and flaunt customer’s reviews on their online stores.

Let’s discuss in depth why customer reviews are important and how to get it.

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Different Ways to Get Reviews from Customers


Before we jump to the importance of reviews and how to get more product reviews, let’s take a look at ways of getting reviews.

  • Rating out of 5
  • Questions and answers
  • Reviews in the form of images and videos
  • Customer feedback form
  • Badging verifying the user’s qualification

Why You Need Site and Product Reviews


Customer reviews play an important role in making brand authentication on all social media channels. Let’s look at why reviews are important.

Increase Traffic

Do you know Google indexes product reviews? Yes, this is true. Their crawlers with the help of algorithms read product reviews and make them visible on the search result page. So by getting more product reviews, you can improve the number of keywords where your product ranks on Google.

Search results display particular products, with reviews and links directly to the product page.

Increase Conversions

Customer reviews have a notable impact on whether or not a customer buys a product from a particular store. If an eCommerce store doesn’t have product reviews, they will fail to gain the trust of customers and then they will go elsewhere to find preferred products.

If you have a collection of reviews on your site, customers will be more likely to buy from your store. AiTrillion allows you to automatically ask customers to review your products within a fixed time from their purchase.

Obviously, you don’t want to ask too early because they won’t have had enough time to enjoy the benefits of the product. Asking for reviews is one step in a series of post-purchase emails.

Create Better Products

Customer reviews give you an opportunity to remap your products and services. There are various leading brands that are leveraging product reviews, both positive and negative to create better products. By examining feedback, brands can solve issues that are faced by the customers and help claim them “Issues Resolved Tag”

Even some top eCommerce companies respond to those reviews in real-time for better customer relationships and tell the customers that their feedback is valued. This reflects the caring nature of the brand towards its customers.

AiTrillion’s feature includes intelligent analytics that drills your review content and provides a detailed report on customer reviews and uses other triggers to help you modify your products and services to boost sales.

How to Get Quality Customer Review?


There is no doubt, it’s important to drive reviews, but it’s more important to get effective quality content on your website.

Qualified Reviewers

Reviews with verified buyers are very important. As you start generating reviews, make sure you have a tool that can filter unqualified reviews that could break the trust you’ve built with customers.

Allow Customers to Ask Questions

Let your customers ask questions on the product pages and respond in a timely manner to make the sale. If you can’t support the staff required to answer all of those questions, you can also allow past purchasers or community experts to respond on your behalf.

Skechers’ used customer questions to increase their product conversion rates by 32%.

User-Generated Content and Visuals

Today visual content on your product pages is a must to stay ahead online. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways for customers to share reviews. It’s important to incentivize them, in turn, to share reviews in the form of product images and videos on your site or the product page.

Create easy paths for your customers to share their review with an Image Gallery on your product pages and give other customers chase to look into.

How to Generate More Reviews from Your Customers


Let’s take a look at the ways to get more reviews from your customers:

1. Encourage Customers with Post-Purchase Emails

The first and most simple way to get more reviews for your products is to ask customers to submit them.

Send post-purchase emails to your customers. You’re most likely to get a review after 2 or 3 days of the purchase. Check out AiTrillion’s review collector, which makes it easy for your customers to leave reviews. It removes all barriers between you and customers’ ability to submit a review.

Send a post-purchase email with the exact items they bought, it adds a personal touch and prompts customers to leave a review.

2. Incentivize Customers to Write Reviews

Simply asking customers for reviews will not help you in getting the response you want, so try a loyalty program. Create motivation by giving reward points in return for a product review.

It’s important to remain transparent with your reviews, this helps build confidence in customers and shows transparency in your review collection process. AiTrillion’s review feature is automatically integrated with the loyalty reward program and helps you create loyalty rules based on the customer’s activity. You can easily edit loyalty rules based on your preferences.

Here are a couple of ways to authentically incentivize more product reviews:

  • A fixed amount of off on total order.
  • Percentage discount off on the customer’s entire order.
  • Provide free shipping codes on a specific amount of points.
  • Give any product free on specific amounts of points of the customer.
  • Product discount (Voucher)

3. Optimize your Review Forms

Mobile optimization is very important these days. In fact, most of the customers prefer their mobile phones for online shopping. Make sure your review collection form works well on all devices.

With AiTrillion, our many clients converted their mobile viewers to reviewers. They are unleashing the potential of AiTrillion to update and implement fully responsive and mobile-friendly forms and email series.

4. Review Multiple Purchases Together

Frankly speaking, customers have no time to fill long forms to review your products and services. The best way to fetch the customer’s review is to make it simpler for customers to leave them. Many of your online customers buy multiple products at a single time. It doesn’t make sense to send them individual emails to review their purchases one at a time.

Instead, include all the products of their recent purchases while emailing your customers, so they can review them at a time. Including multiple items significantly increases overall collected content on your site.

In this way, you can collect more reviews in no time. Providing an all-in-one view to write reviews creates a better experience.

5. Product Sampling

Product sampling is the most reliable way to generate content when you don’t have a large customer base. Categorize your products and ask influencers to write genuine feedback about your products.

AiTrillion allows you to sample the collection in three ways:

  • A New Product Launch
  • Best Seller Products
  • Last Seen Product

6. Design and Share Reviews on Social Media

Customers want a smooth way to share their feedback and know they’re heard. So you need to recognize that need first, otherwise, you could miss out on valuable reviews.

Based on research most of the consumers who don’t write reviews needed a reward or recognition to do so.

One easy way to show users you’re recognizing their contributions is to share their reviews on social media or showcase them with a review widget.

7. Review Reminder Email

Your customer might be busy doing their priority task so it will be beneficial to remind them about their last purchase and ask for a review.

Send automatic reminder emails to your customers with the product image of the last purchase. You can also add some incentives to encourage them to leave a review.

8. Collect Different Kinds of Product Reviews

In today’s tech-savvy world, it is important to believe that your customers are more knowledgeable than you. To match their knowledge, one needs to ask for reviews in the forms of images, videos, ratings, etc.

Allowing customers to submit photos and videos as part of reviews increases brand authenticity and helps other shopping buyers build loyalty with your brand along with customer conversion.

9. Review Widgets

The review widget makes it easy for eCommerce merchants to show your customer reviews at every step of the customer journey. You can use a review widget to display reviews wherever you want on your website.

Online shoppers depend on the feedback of other shoppers to buy any product. Our Product Rating-Widget and Review Slider Widget creates a sense of popularity around a product by allowing your business to flaunt all your best reviews in the most prominent places on your site.

You can also use Rich Snippets and Review Syndication to promote your products. Leverage the potential of the star rating and reviews to drive visitors to particular products. Showcase your best seller products and select the reviews that you want to display on the widget, and drive your customers to keep browsing your site.

AiTrillion provides:

  • Product Review Widgets
  • Rich Snippets
  • Product Review Gallery
  • Site Review Gallery
  • Site Review Button
  • Review Slider Widget

10. Manage Reviews

It is very difficult to manage all your customer reviews along with other marketing strategies. Our AI-powered engine integrated with proven marketing channels allows you to effectively manage all your customer content under one roof.

With AiTrillion’s product review report, you can quickly see how many stars you have received within a particular time period-

  • Total Review
  • Average Star Rating
  • All Published Reviews
  • All Verified Reviews

Summing Up

Getting authentic customer reviews and identifying the best approach to leverage them to drive sales is quite difficult, but it doesn’t have to be twisted. AiTrillion has made it easy for eCommerce merchants to get more authentic customer reviews on their website and utilize them for generating more sales. AiTrillion’s Review platform is integrated with 11+ marketing channels that can help you to do all marketing activities in one click.

Powerful features of AiTrillion, without any hassle

  • Collect reviews from various ways like post-purchase emails, web push, forms, and popups.
  • Display reviews with customization like size and fit.
  • Review widget to display reviews.
  • Optimize your review content and increase your traffic and rankings.
  • Streamline product questions and answers.