AiTrillion is the first-ever SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled – all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce sellers. Trusted by 1000’s of Shopify Stores, AiTrillion, specializes in connecting the dots between millions of customers across 175+ countries, with 11+ customer engagement channels, integrated actionable analytics, all built for the eCommerce industry.

AiTrillion has expanded well beyond its bellwether marketing research to provide leaders across the enterprise with the requisite business insights, advice, and tools they need to achieve their goals and build the eCommerce store of tomorrow.

Together with millions of eCommerce sellers, AiTrillion fuels the future of the business so that a more successful world takes form.

Transform each visitor into a loyal customer


With AiTrillion, technology capabilities assist brands and bolster the strength to build strong digital experiences for customers. AiTrillion is your one-stop solution to automated e-commerce marketing at every stage! Offering a package of all the required tools on one platform, it helps the eCommerce sellers to amplify their sales by engaging unique features and integrated actionable analytics.

AiTrillion’s sole motto is to introduce an Ai-powered all-integrated eCommerce marketing platform for online sellers that makes an easy space for them to influence more buyers by controlling their own brand and customer experience for generating more sales by boosting site traffic, building ever-lasting customer relationships, and accessing rich, actionable data.

AiTrillion compiles your unknown visitors, subscribers, and loyal customers on one platform and depicts them in the customer timeline from their first visit to the first purchase and beyond, influencing them with a variety of attributes followed by re-targeting, re-capturing, re-engaging, redeeming, and retention.

By understanding in-depth what today’s consumers are looking for, you’ll be able to craft your message accordingly, represent a strong emotional connection, and pass effective communication to the right audience. AiTrillion empowers online sellers to engage with their loyal customers using 8+ customer touchpoints.

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