From summer beach ideas for men, rocking cool yet comfy loungewear to look like the king of your castle. It never ever been so fashionable to relax. Or at least make our lives appear that way on a social media platform like Instagram through captioning it as #weekendgoals, should that be your go-to flex. This entire philosophy of being still, calm, and in the moment ‘slow living’ – mindfulness, appears like men are chilling.

Since fashion is now a mouthpiece for all current trends, luxury brands are now turning their necks to louche the loungewear too. Mendeez is crafting their design aesthetic to design garments to just lay around the house. Check out men’s loungewear online at Mendeez.

AiTrillion is happy to have Mendeez onboard. AiTrillion looks forward to delivering amazing experiences across different channels like Email Marketing, Web Push Notification, and other owned channels.