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Pro Sports for Latest Fitness & Sports Equipments.

Pro Sports for Latest Fitness & Sports Equipments.

gym pants for women

Pro Sports is a leading sports and fitness company based in UAE. It was founded in 2009 with a vision of distributing cricket accessories to the local cricket clubs in Kuwait. Their fantastic journey started from a small store with only one sport’s product.

Since then, ProSports has now blossomed into one of the most prominent sports distribution companies in Kuwait and UAE with over 10 exclusive brands.

We offer an unparalleled shopping experience by providing convenience and delivering exceptional customer service. #prosportsae

Prosportsae Yoga clothes
Yoga clothes

In 2013, ProSports started to launch an online shopping store for better services to its loyal customers. It offers special discounted prices on online stores in Kuwait and UAE. gives you access to a wide range of the best sports equipment. Here you will find GM, Yonex, Unicorn, Powerglide, Molten, SS, Ihsan, Zoggs, Malik, Flowin, Elliptigo, and others.

“We continue to offer excellent value on sports equipment and sportswear, we are always pleased to hear from our customers”.

Ultraportable footwear for sports and travels
Hex dumbbell

All these brands have designed amazing and safe sports gear which will help you exercise and improve in your chosen sport or activity whether you are a beginner or a professional. This helps you keep fit, socialize or simply enjoy yourself using the best quality products available at Pro Sports.

track pants
shopify store of yoga dress

Pro Sports’ mission is to be the number one sports store of choice on the web, by continuously accommodating the customers’ evolving needs. It offers an exceptional shopping experience by giving convenience and delivering exceptional customer service.

Here you will also find the Bhoga’s redesigned traditional block including a flat bottom piece and a curved upper arch, that offers “infinite possibilities” and “effortless alignment.”

These Infinity Blocks are composed of sustainable wood and weigh in at just about over two pounds, rendering a solid foundation for physical practice.

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