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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Location: USA(Remote)
Experience: Minimum 5 years

What’s the opportunity?

The CMO will be a highly accomplished marketer with a passion for SAAS business and analytics. They should be able to identify compelling and impactful strategies that drive the company’s sales initiatives forward.


  • Strong analytical skills and passion for analyzing products, competitors, and market dynamics. Can quickly synthesize disparate data into a ‘position’ and craft messaging that connects with a diverse audience of stakeholders; including customers and executives
  • Demonstrated ability to dive into a product and become a champion and promote features, use cases, and value propositions to customers
  • A hands-on, “can do” attitude, and a drive for outcome focussed performance.
  • Proven ability to analyze reports, dashboards, data, and other tools to make critical decisions and recommendations to help lead the company to achieve its objectives and goals.
  • Demonstrable experience in developing efficient strategies and business plans for all marketing aspects (branding, product promotion etc.)
  • Plan and organize marketing functions and operations (product development,branding, communications etc.), and ensure they project the company’s unique “voice”
  • Design and coordinate promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press etc.)
  • Build a highly efficient team of marketing professionals
  • Create a solid network of strategic partnerships
  • Define marketing strategies to support the company’s overall strategies and objectives
  • Develop a feasible marketing plan for the department and oversee its day-to-day implementation
  • Listen” to the trends of the market and direct the market research efforts of the company

Eligibility Criteria

  • Proven experience as chief marketing officer or similar role.
  • Solid understanding of market research and data analysis methods
  • Ability to apply marketing techniques over digital (e.g. social media) and non-digital (e.g. press) channels
  • Understanding of different business disciplines (IT, finance etc.)
  • Proficient in MS Office and business software (e.g. CRM)
  • A leader with both creative and analytical capabilities
  • Outstanding communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal abilities
  • Experience working directly with advertisers, agencies, and/or clients
  • Knowledge of full-stack digital marketing strategies and tactics
  • Understanding of how marketing and sales data can be used to improve funnel ROI.
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