Eightouncecoffee is a place for exclusive coffee equipment for Canadian baristas and coffee addicts. Best known Canadian distributors of Hario, KeepCup, Porlex, Toddy, Acme, Clever, Pallo, Urnex, Bonavita, and more! Eightouncecoffee is the only coffee equipment distributor in Canada that can provide you with everything you need for behind-the-bar tools, and to stock your retail shelves in one place.

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Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Carter, a travel mug is best for those who can’t live without coffee. Best in quality, easy to carry. Created to magnify the pleasure of sipping coffee at its fullest, everywhere.

colorful mug
Crystal Eye Dripper

Paper Filters

The paper filter will have a dramatic effect on the outcome of your brewed coffee. Try super quality paper filters for all of the coffee brewers to remove any paper taste before brewing.

Barista Magazine

Grab a copy of the latest issue of Barista Magazine, featuring the Ivy-League educated lawyers-turned-founders of sipandsonder, and the force behind cxffeeblack, Bartholomew Jones.

coffee magazine

Rosso Tipping Point

Chocolatey, nutty, and smooth. Rosso coffee helps in minimizing the acidity, hone in on the body, and act as a warm hug. Rosso Tipping Point is a blend of two coffees.

Rosso Tipping Point
steel wares

Travel Press by Espro

The Espro Travel Press is designed with stainless steel vacuum insulated double walls keep the outside cool and the inside hot. It’s silicone seals keeps your drink safe while travelling.

Coffee Mugs

Every café needs to be able to serve filter coffee or tea in a  stylish mug. The seemingly simple design of this mug with its slight angle makes it comfortable to hold.  Durable, yet beautiful.

coffee mug

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

This is a fantastic entry-level grinder for every home coffee drinker. It grinds consistently enough and more durable than older models of Encore. It is easy to use for daily purposes.


Coffee Glasses

Coffee Glasses

Glasses are in trend to serve coffee – especially if it is dual-walled, or has a handle. It’s also perfect for serving nitro cold brew, or iced coffee.  enjoy coffee cocktails in an elegant glass vessel.

Tea Drinkware

Have you even think about serving tea in a glass? Think now! Serve tea in stylish drinkware to enhance the test. It’s important to match the glass to the liquid. Take a look at the glass to drink tea from.



Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Beautiful. Simple. Modern. Elevate your daily routine with a Ratio. Best quality product with ease to use. Engineered for brewing with the precision. Buy this beauty to make your coffee date more perfect.

Electric Brewers

Acme Evolution Taster Cup

The taster cups were designed for cupping, for filter coffee, and for a latte. Acme’s revolutionary handleless, stackable, and versatile cup! The smoother design makes it nicer to pour coffee into.


Cupping Spoon

Cupping spoons from Espresso Supply are perfect. Great shape, stainless steel, and value-priced. More designs are available in the collection so shopping for cupping spoons can be confusing!

Cupping Spoon

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