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Ai Loyalty Rewards
Earn the trust of your customers by dedicating them reward points.
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Ai Reviews
Measure the success of your business through product and site reviews.
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Ai Web Push
Bring customers back to your website by sending personalized, timely push notifications.
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Ai Email
Targeted email marketing for engaging customers outside your website.
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Ai Box
Nurture visitors on your website by sending relevant in-app notifications.
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Ai Product Recommendations
Recommend a product in which your customers are most likely to be interested in the website.
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Ai Custom Audience
Break down your customers and rank them according to their onsite behavior.
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Engage your customers with highly localized and relevant communication.
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Data Enrichment
Get details of all the customers that you need to sell smart.
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Network Insights
Get the most important and pressing business insights at your fingertips.
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Give a touch of personalization to all your customers with behavior-driven messages.
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Email subscription
Ask your visitors for their email id’s to prioritize high-value customers.
Personalized Offers
Send behavior-driven, personalized offers to your targeted customers.
Use announcement bars to notify and update all the audience on your website.
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