Everything You Need To Drive Long Term Sales & Customer

Growth Is At One Place


Everything You Need To Drive Long Term
Is At One Place

From Email design to Automation emails, get all the tools you need to create exclusive email campaigns


Emails That You Need For Higher Engagement

All customers are not alike, that’s why we gave you as much control over your email as possible.

  • Drag & Drop Email Editor
  • Pre-built Email Templates
  • Automate Your Marketing with Workflows
  • Newsletter and Exit Intent Popups to capture Emails
  • Tracking and evaluating email marketing statistics


Reward Your Customers For Their Store Engagement

Create activity rules that motivate action at every stage of your customer journey.

  • Predefined Activity Rules
  • Rewards
  • Referral Program
  • Tier System


Harness The Power Of Customers’ Words

Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A with AiTrillion Ai-powered solutions.

  • Review In-Email Form
  • Review Reminder Emails
  • Reviews with Photos
  • Product Review Form
  • Site and Product Review button
review collection


Convert your visitors to customers

Reach customers even when they are not on your Store by delivering messages directly on their mobile or desktop.

  • Welcome Push Notification
  • Schedule & Trigger Web Push
  • Abandoned Cart Push
  • Back In Stock Notification
  • Price Drop Seller


Grow Your Business Faster With Every Conversation.

AiTrillion helps you to connect to the right person at the right time in the right place.

  • Live Chat Support
  • Engage & Acquire Customer
  • Live Chat Boosted With Chatbots


Turn Your Visitors To Valuable Customers

Boost your sales by engaging your website visitors with user-friendly popups like newsletter signup, exit-intent, abandoned cart popup, loyalty signup popup, review popup or giveaway popups.

  • Custom Form Fields
  • Timed-Display Control
  • Scroll-Based Triggering


Get Ready With Exclusive Announcement Bar Templates

Create multiple notification bars and place them on the top or bottom of your website and launch a campaign in just a couple of clicks. Bars you can add to collect visitor’s emails, promote content and more.

  • Announcement Bar
  • Countdown Timer Bar
  • Sales Motivator Bar
  • Cookie Bar
pos image

Shopify POS

Reward Your Customers With Shopify Coupons

Set Up AiTrillion For Seamless Success

Use AiTrillion reward program to stimulate profitable actions at your online store. Integrate AiTrillion to sell your products and accept payments on any device while automatically updating your inventory, orders, and customer data.You can give reward points in the following conditions:

  • null

    When A Customer

    Creates An Account

  • null

    When A Customer

    Makes Purchase

  • null

    When A Customer

    Leaves A Review


Benefits of AiTrillion


Customer Engagement

AiTrillion creates a roadmap by enhancing customers’ journey which drives more Engagement & boost revenue.

Customer Retention

AiTrillion focuses on engaging customers by multiple touch-points on your store which results in a hike of redemption rate.

Save Money

AiTrillion provides you all the must-have tools at on place at a much lesser cost which is cross integrated with each other & Save up to 75% on your Shopify app monthly billing.

Make Consumers Feel Appreciated

Smart brand thanks to its customers with appreciation emails & incorporating “surprise and delight” points or rewards for special occasions such as a customer’s birthday.

Increase Sales

By personalizing the consumer shopping experience through gathered data, make better suggestions to your customers, which will increase the chances, that the customer will purchase a suggested product.

Gather Valuable Data

AiTrillion gathers all your data and gives you deep customer insights based on the activities performed and actions taken.

Better Communication

Aitrillion provides multiple touchpoints for better communication and personalized interaction. By matching purchase dates, you can email relevant customers about a recalled product instead of sending out a generalized email which will be ignored.

Attract New Customers

Good Reward program attracts new customers in several ways. On each activity incentivize customers with points and offer to redeem them. Which will automatically lead to add new customers to the email list, simply because customers want to take advantage of discounts.

Increase Repeat Purchase

AiTrillion helps you increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value with reward points and loyalty points that give customers more reasons to return to your store.
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