To make analytics more accessible, usable, and powerful, we recently launched a brand new Dashboard. It gives you easy access to the most important metrics on your campaign’s performance. Analyze how your campaign is performing and collect data to make your next piece of the campaign even better.

With our new AiTrillion Dashboard, you can say goodbye to endless sifting through multiple apps’ analytics data to find those few important metrics. AiTrillion has the ability to:

  • give you quick access to the most important metrics
  • drill down into individual campaigns
  • convert metrics into actionable insights
  • leaving out all the distractions, you will be better equipped to distill concrete to-dos
  • more clean and modern UI
  • better templates for pop-ups, emails, and web push
AiTrillion new dashboard

The new Dashboard offers insights on the following key elements:

  • Total Module Enabled provides quick access to various modules enabled to help you manage your account more efficiently 
  • Total Customers provides you the complete data of individuals who have completed purchases from your store
  • Customer Engaged provides you with a total number of customers who viewed your campaigns and responded to them
  • Total Order provides you with a total number of orders received
AiTrillion dashboard

In our previous dashboard, customers felt a bit cluttered, so we thought of giving them a clear and easy-to-understand view of their most important customer data. 

After analyzing sellers’ needs, we also added the Actions section on the right side of the dashboard. When you hover the cursor over the Action section, multiple suggestions will pop up to use other modules and make your campaigns more revenue-driven.

AiTrillion new dashboard

To be clear, all of these features have been available in different forms previously – the new Dashboard just brings them all together in a more cohesive, and accessible way. 

For our newbies, we have also introduced a suggestion section and some feature updates that they can use to unleash the full potential of AiTrillion features.

This will make it a little easier to stay on top of the various elements and ensure you’re up to date on all your monetization options and feature updates. 

AiTrillion makes it easy to create interactive e-Commerce marketing campaigns, empowering brands across the world to broaden their sales and marketing collateral into a new era of eCommerce.

However, beyond simplifying the creation process, we also empower you to improve your campaign over time with page-by-page analytics.

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Cross-channel performance dashboard

The ability to see how your AiTrillion campaign performs has always been one of the most important drivers of success with our Shopify eCommerce marketing platform. That’s why we decided to build a coherent, comprehensive, and clear dashboard for the eCommerce business.

Benefit #1: Campaign Optimization Suggestions

Provide campaign-based optimization suggestions. Quickly see which campaigns are doing well and which ones need a little tweaking.

Benefit #2: Easy to Read and Visually Appealing

We make the data easy to read and take action on. We designed this new dashboard to provide the most value without requiring significant customer time or effort.

Our cross-channel performance dashboard allows you to easily review campaign and channel results with easy-to-read visuals including charts and graphs. These metrics include conversion, revenue, and AOV metrics across their entire marketing stack.

What features are available to you?

We’ve dedicated a lot of time analyzing the performance of all kinds of campaigns created with AiTrillion. Based on our experience and feedback from customers, we selected the most important metrics for assessing your campaign’s success — and improving its performance down the line. 

In the new Dashboard, you’ll see how other Shopify stores are using AiTrillion to make their campaigns more successful. Here you will also find a suggestion list from which you can pick our next feature to get the most out of your running campaign. 

Let’s say if you are using Email marketing, then you can also try pop-up to notify people with the same messaging. So in case, customers don’t find time to look at your email, they will get the information through popups.

Our plans for the future

Our dashboard insights and the world’s best customer support have helped our clients exponentially grow their lead volume, customer engagement, and of course order value. By far, they are the most valuable metrics for the success of your marketing campaign. However, as we continue to grow as an organization and as a community that is dedicated to the eCommerce industry, we will continue to add more in-depth and powerful features for you. Some of what you can look forward to include:

2.2 version and more…


We don’t want you to not just create beautiful campaigns but design something that works best for you. You should know exactly what the ROI of your campaign is and how to improve it. We are sure that our new Dashboard will make those goals more attainable than ever before.

If you have feedback or suggestions for Dashboard, feel free to let us know by commenting in the comment section. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our awesome support team via We’re all ears!