1. AiTrillion

Aitrillion Product Review

Built by ecommerce experts with over a decade of experience with Shopify, AiTrillion is one of the best Product Review Apps for Shopify. They have built out an end-to-end solution for product reviews, taking into account every stage a customer needs to go through after making a purchase to submit a review. 

Some of the features that make AiTrillion the best product reviews Shopify app include: 

  • Automated post-purchase communication to collect feedback (emails, web push, forms and popups) 
  • Streamlined review collection with customizable question and answer format 
  • Automated reminders on product review requests 
  • Ability to collect text and image product reviews 
  • Ability to display reviews in different formats (gallery slider, gallery carousel, floating widget and more) 
  • Powerful review management software to sift social proof 
  • Ability to display reviews as Google rich snippets 
  • Smart integration with loyalty programs to reward customers for reviews 

Ready to try out these features? Install the AiTrillion app for Shopify product reviews today.

2. Product Reviews by Shopify

2. Product Reviews by Shopify

Another app that makes it to our list for the best apps for product reviews is one made by Shopify themselves. It’s a free app built by the ecommerce platform to enable new online stores to get started with social proof from day one, and is an easy-to-use solution that offers a plug and play interface. 

Some of the features that make the Shopify Product Reviews app a good choice include: 

  • Theme-friendly design to match social proof display with branding 
  • Easy customizations (layouts, text, color) 
  • Ability to publish, hide, filter and manage reviews quickly 
  • CSV import and export to get your offline reviews online 
  • SEO friendly review widgets for easy indexing

3. Judge.me


The next app on our list of best product review apps for Shopify is Judge.me. The app is built to make it simpler for online stores to collect reviews in different formats including customer testimonials, text and photo reviews for products. 

Some of the features that gets Judge.me on our list include: 

  • Unlimited product review requests, orders and imports 
  • Ability to display product reviews with text, photos and videos
  • Customizable review carousel with six free themes 
  • SEO rich snippets for live reviews 
  • Ability to share reviews on social media 
  • Cross-shop synchronization for multi-location stores
  • Supports more than 34 languages for localization  

4. Loox


Another product reviews app that offers a very similar feature set to that of Judge.me is Loox. But this particular social proof app is more focused on collecting product reviews in the form of photos and videos from customers post-purchase, and laying them out using beautiful looking, optimized widgets. 

Some of the features that make Loox a good choice for displaying product reviews include: 

  • Automate and schedule product review requests 
  • Offer custom discounts on product photo and video reviews 
  • Display reviews in grids, lists, carousels, popups or in a sidebar 
  • Drive brand discovery via social media and Google Shopping 
  • Available in 17+ languages for easy localization 

5. Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews

One of the apps that tend to come up a lot more often in conversations around social proof, is Ali Reviews by FireApps. It’s the one app that helps businesses not just collect product reviews post-purchase, but also leverage them as marketing collaterals to turn visitors into customers through your storefront. 

Some of the features of this Shopify product reviews app include: 

  • Beautiful and customizable review widget design 
  • Schedule manual requests via CSV upload
  • Automate product review requests with pre-made templates (email, SMS, Messenger and more) 
  • Display relevant product reviews based on demographic and behavioral data 
  • SEO rich snippets to help with organic reach
  • Share product reviews on social media platforms 

6. Fera Product Reviews 

Fera product review

Fera.ai is another one of the powerful apps that enable Shopify stores to collect and display product reviews on their site. It’s an app that offers features designed to maximize social proof without compromising the safety of your brand. 

Some of the features that make this app a good choice for Shopify product reviews include: 

  • Add, import and edit product reviews, photos and videos 
  • Display verified badges on customer reviews 
  • Display average product review per item 
  • Optimized customer photo and video submission and display galleries 
  • Automated product review requests 
  • Ability to incentivize product reviews with discounts, loyalty points and cash back 
  • Supports German, Spanish, French and seven more languages for localization 

7. Stamped.io


Stamped.io is a popular name in the Shopify ecosystem as an app for displaying user generated content and product reviews. It comes with powerful features built to collect more than 7 types of user generated content and showcase them as social proof on their storefront. 

Some of the features of Stamped.io include: 

  • Collect varied formats of UGC (product reviews, photo and video reviews, Instagram shoppable gallery, checkout reviews, net promoter score and more)
  • Mobile optimized and compatible with majority of the Shopify themes 
  • Easy product review management and moderation 
  • Offer customers an option to search reviews by topic 
  • Multi-lingual support 
  • Ability to share product reviews on social media 
  • Review syndication to popular online marketplaces 

8. Automizely


An app built in sync with an order tracking system, Aftership, Automizely is another good app for displaying product reviews on Shopify stores. It comes with features designed to easily import product reviews, collect them from existing customers and display them using optimized widgets to get them noticed. 

Some of the features that make Automizely one of the best Shopify apps for product review include: 

  • Automate review request emails post-purchase (by delivery and by fulfillment)
  • Customize review layout, color and font style to match brand theme 
  • Ability to share product reviews on social media 
  • Offer buyers incentives to submit product reviews and ratings 
  • Ability to reply to customer reviews 

9. Rivyo Product Reviews

Rivyo Product Reviews

Rivyo is a Shopify app for product reviews, built by a theme developer, Thimatic. The app comes with features designed to collect product reviews with ease and import more social proof from marketplaces like Amazon and Aliexpress, giving you more volume. 

Some of the features of Rivyo that are notable, include: 

  • Automated product review requests 
  • Track email request status (sent, delivered, opened and clicked) 
  • Ability to display both textual and photo product reviews 
  • Ability to show reviews as testimonials anywhere on the store 
  • Hide review label of products with low to no product reviews 
  • Calculate and display average rating of products 
  • SEO rich widgets for search-driven shoppers 

10. Opinew


Opinew is a popular Shopify app when it comes to collecting and displaying user generated content. It takes into account the entire gamut of social proof, equipping an online store with all the features they need to collect and display product reviews. 

Some of the features that Opinew offers includes: 

  • Automate post-purchase review request emails and SMS 
  • QR code printed product review requests 
  • Bulk import product reviews from popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and others 
  • Customizable widget formatting, look and feel 
  • Multiple product review widgets (homepage carousel, product stars, collection stars and more) 
  • Rich snippets for Google search 

11. Yotpo


The last one on our list of the best Shopify apps for product reviews is Yotpo. It is one of the leading choices for Shopify brands when it comes to simplifying the process of collecting and displaying social proof. It’s also one of the apps that were built early on for the ecosystem, keeping in mind the needs of varied levels of online businesses. 

Some of the features of Yotpo that make it a good choice include:

  • Automated review requests on email and SMS 
  • Ability to collect reviews in a Q&A format 
  • Customizable on-site widgets 
  • Coupons to incentivize social proof 
  • Rich snippets, Google seller ratings and Google Shopping ads 
  • Ability to sync with marketplaces like Walmart

How to choose the best review app for Shopify? 

Apart from the above listed product review apps, there are also other solutions available in the Shopify app store. In fact, once you start looking for product review apps, you may find plenty of third party solutions that can integrate with your Shopify store. 

To choose the best review app for Shopify, here are a few tips we’d give as parting notes: 

  • Give preference to a Shopify app for product reviews for easy plug and play and no additional integrations 
  • Take a look at the customer reviews and testimonials the reviews app has received over time and what they tend to highlight the most 
  • Go through the features of the product reviews apps and benchmark them against one another to pick one that fulfills majority of your needs 
  • Evaluate the customer support and service the app developer offers before, during and after app install 
  • Look for an app developer that has experience building out powerful solutions as they come with more industry depth 
  • Take a demo of the product review app to check ease of use and dashboard intuitiveness 
  • Take into account the additional resources that the app developer offers, including help docs, blogs, success stories and similar formats 

Not sure where to begin? 

Let us give you an overview and demo of what the best product reviews app for a Shopify store looks like.  Reach out to us here.