In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, good products and heavy discounts are no longer enough to acquire customers. Irrespective of the industry or the product a consumer is looking for, there are at least ten brands offering the same. So how do you stand out from the noise?

By using social proof to do the selling for you.

But getting your existing customers to share product reviews or rate their purchases, is easier said than done. That’s where having the product review app for your Shopify store comes into play!

Now when you start looking for Shopify product review apps, we’re sure you’d stumble across,, and AiTrillion.

So in this blog, we’re going to make a detailed comparison between the three Shopify product review apps to help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the best Shopify product review app:, or AiTrillion

Looking for a Shopify app to collect and display product reviews on your Shopify store, here’s a comparison between,, and AiTrillion.

1. Product review display widgets

When it comes to getting started with the apps, all three come with a Shopify app that offers plug-and-play solutions. You can simply head over to the Shopify app store to install the app and get access to user-friendly widgets to display product reviews in. Each of the widgets offered is also customizable to a point to match the look and feel of your Shopify store.

Now AiTrillion comes with years of experience in helping brands set up impressive online storefronts. Understanding the importance of branding and creating a seamless visual experience for online shoppers, the app comes with the following customizable product review widgets:

  • Product review gallery/ carousel
  • Review gallery slider
  • Page widget
  • Floating button

2. Product review request automation

A good product review app comes with more than just display widgets. It enables you to collect product reviews from customers at key stages in their buying process – especially post-purchase.

Now and help you automate email product review requests from the app dashboard. You can customize the message sent post-purchase and post-delivery to request product reviews. But you require integrating with other marketing apps to be able to request product reviews through channels like web push notifications.

AiTrillion equips you with multi-channel automation to request reviews. You can request product reviews through automatic post-purchase emails, web push notifications, forms, and popups – all without having to integrate with another Shopify app.

  • Create product review request workflows
  • Customize review request messages
  • Send automated review reminders

3. Product review submission

Product reviews are often tricky to collect because an open-ended question can result in reviews that don’t make sense. Think about the number of times you read a product review that had nothing to say about the item or wasn’t clear about whether the product met with the expectations.

Now while and enable you to automate review request emails, AiTrillion goes one step further to help you streamline the information you gather. It lets you set up a product Q&A to request reviews about specific product aspects and experiences.

This does two things – makes it easier for a customer to share feedback on a product and you’re able to derive better insights from the same.

rich snippet

4. Product review formats

It’s important to note that product reviews can be submitted in the form of text, images, or videos. Customers should be able to choose the format they’d like to share or submit their feedback in. That’s why it is important for your Shopify product review app to be able to collect and display all the formats.

With AiTrillion, you can request multi-format product reviews. The review display widgets are able to automatically optimize how the different reviews are displayed, keeping the visual experience intact.

product review format

5. Search engine optimization of reviews

As per studies, online customer reviews gain more weightage (6.47%) in organic searches. That’s why it is important to ensure the product reviews you gather and display in the store, are also easily indexable by the search crawlers.

All the apps –, and AiTrillion widgets are optimized for easy indexing. This ensures your product reviews get recognized by the search engines and get displayed in Google search results, capturing consumer purchase intent at the right time. They auto-generate rich snippets to display your product reviews in the search results and Google shopping.

product review qa

6. Monitor, measure and optimize

Collecting product reviews to display as social proof is one thing, but gathering insights from them is a whole different task. While each of the Shopify product review apps comes with in-depth analytics and insights dashboard, AiTrillion takes it a notch higher.

Apart from the conventional metrics associated with product reviews – number of requests sent, number of reviews submitted, positive and negative reviews, NPS and so on, the app enables a deep dive into consumer behavior. It comes with reporting and analytics, customer segmentation, and a timeline mapping feature that helps understand consumer reviews on a deeper level.

This helps you segment customers in a better way, personalize your outreach to them across channels and drive favorable results from campaigns.

Product review dashboard

7. Additional conversion features

Getting customers to submit product reviews takes more than just automating review requests and follow-ups. Sometimes it takes more to motivate them to engage with your brand post-purchase and spend a minute or more to submit a product review. This usually includes rewards like loyalty points, store credits, discounts, cashback and similar.

While and can be integrated with Shopify apps for loyalty programs, AiTrillion can handle it on its own. AiTrillion comes with a loyalty program feature that can be used alongside product review requests to create a rewarding experience for customers.

Earn Points Loyalty Program Shopify

8. Product review distribution and syndication

Hosting product reviews on your store or relying on how frequently they show up on the search engines is not enough. In times when a multi-channel sales approach is so important, it’s crucial to distribute and syndicate your product reviews. This includes sharing product reviews on social media platforms, online selling websites and marketplaces.

With AiTrillion, sharing and distributing product reviews on your primary selling channels is easy. You can manage review syndication easily through the dashboard, and also encourage your customers to submit them on different platforms with the nudge of loyalty program rewards.

9. Customer support and success

Product reviews are no longer just a good-to-have on online stores. They are a must-have conversion feature required to convert the new-age online shoppers. This is exactly why you need more than a good product reviews app; you need a team that will help you implement the right strategy to get the social proof going.

AiTrillion is known for its team of eCommerce experts and successful managers. Once you install the product reviews app, they work with you to help you set up a review request workflow that leads to more submissions and better customer engagement across the customer lifecycle.

AiTrillion review

10. Knowledge base and documentation

As a Shopify store owner or eCommerce marketer, you may or may not have the time to continually reach out for support to implement changes in your strategy. This is where you need to evaluate the Shopify product review app you choose on the basis of the documentation and knowledge base they equip you with.

All the apps –,, and AiTrillion are known for having extensive knowledge centers. AiTrillion also includes a video library that helps you understand its features and put them to work on your Shopify store. Additionally, you can also request for specific videos and documentation from the success team.

11. Shopify app pricing

Another aspect that you need to evaluate a product review app on the basis of, is the cost of running. Most Shopify product review apps come with different plans that put a limitation on the number of review requests you can, or the reviews you can display. As a scaling or fast-growing business, the cost of running can quickly go out of hand.

With and, you may have to integrate with other Shopify apps to implement loyalty rewards, popups and forms. This adds to the cost of the review process as you are required to pay for each app separately. AiTrillion comes with all the features you need at only $49/ month.

Learn more about the features included here.

12. Which is the best Shopify product review app?

All the product review apps here are known for their powerful features, customer support, and ease of use. So when it comes to choosing a product review app for your Shopify store, we recommend evaluating it on the basis of:

  • Ease of use and setup
  • Customizations available
  • Integrations required
  • Scalability of the app
  • Additional conversion features are available
  • Customer support and success
  • Brands using the product review app
  • Knowledge base

Still not sure which product review app suits your Shopify store needs the most?

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