Bamboosts is creating a world plastic-free. Their sole mission is to reduce plastic usage and to save the Earth. Bamboosts sell plastic alternative products to reduce plastic usage.

They started in 2019, October. Since then, they are working hard to globally recognized as a non-profit platform that’s successfully reducing plastic use. Bamboosts started this project because they saw how bad the climate change and pollution has gotten. There are hundreds of species going extinct every day and most governments aren’t doing anything.


To help, even more, Bamboosts decided to start planting trees. Unfortunately, they don’t have the land, time and resources to do it but Bamboosts found a solution! Every time someone (maybe You) orders a product from them, they donate a percentage of that money to organizations that are planting trees with this money. From every order, Bamboosts donate enough money to plant one tree. So every time you order something from them, basically plant one tree! Bamboosts have planted trees counter on the product pages and the home page.

They have made a campaign to plant a tree with every order! So every time You order something from them, they donate enough money for one tree to be planted.

Reforestation is an important part of saving the Earth because trees are our main source of oxygen. So buy more, plant more.


Bamboo Tableware Set

This bamboo tableware set is perfect to carry around in a bag or a purse. It’s also very eco-friendly as You don’t have to use plastic tableware. The set comes with a spoon, a fork, a pair of chopsticks, a knife, a bamboo straw and a brush for cleaning the straw! You also get a bag for them.

Bamboosts Reusable Metal Straws

This metal reusable drinking straw is a perfect alternative for the usual plastic straws. Plastic straws are very bad for the environment. With this package You get two straight and two bent straws. You also get a brush and a bag!

Reusable grocery bags

These reusable and washable grocery bags are an amazing way to reduce Your plastic usage. They are breathable, ensuring the freshness of produce for a longer time. They come in a mesh design with drawstring and poplock for convenient opening and closing. Mesh design allows for airflow instead of sweating inside the store’s plastic bags. Portable to bring along on your next shopping trip.


AiTrillion welcomes Bamboosts onboard. AiTrillion aspires to work together with Bamboosts to build loyal relationships using customer engagement that drives revenue growth.