BRExhaust is a major distributor and manufacturer of OE replacement exhaust systems. With years of experience, the brand established itself as a trusted supplier to the import vehicle exhaust market.

Since 2017, BRExhaust is a part of the MagnaFlow Group, and its cold-end exhaust line is now associated with MagnaFlow’s market-leading hot-end exhaust. BRExhaust has become the main destination OE replacement exhaust vehicle component resource for all import and domestic vehicles.

2001 - 2005 Honda Civic
Honda Accord

BRExhaust is bound to providing quality products to customers. Its team does so by consistently meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations in product quality,  delivery, and services.

“At BRExhaust we stand by our replacement exhaust systems with a limited 2-year construction warranty that covers any defects in product workmanship or materials”.

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exhaust system

BRExhaust uses the latest technology to heighten the client experience. By doing so, BRExhaust has established ingenious processes and product lines that display a high degree of corporate accountability by advancing in and contributing to the success of the brand.

Shopify store of Dodge Ram
Ford F-150

BRExhaust direct-fit exhaust kits help in replacing the exhaust system on many popular vehicles. The replacement kit of BRExhaust contains all the gaskets and clamps required to get the job done. The multi-piece, bolt-on design replaces the exhaust system effortlessly and ensure that your vehicle will be back on the road in no time.