At Dverv they aim to create products to help you refocus your attention on things that truly matter, to realign yourself into your own power so that you may live a more “conscious” life and embrace many of life’s inevitable ups and downs. 


We want to raise the vibration of every soul through the items. We simply want to “Beautify Your Soul”  – Dverv


The Dverv brand is actually derived from the word “verve”. Verve is commonly defined as vitality, energy, and enthusiasm. It’s typically associated with vigor in artistic and musical performance. However, the birth of any accomplished artist is usually wrought with some measure of effort and sustained periods of practice before a certain level of mastery is reached.

Dverv was conceived out of a desire to create thoughtful products to empower the “artist” in you. They are designed to remind you to live with intention, to refuel your desires, and ultimately power up your dreams.

Dverv products are not only made to be stylish or aesthetically pleasing but also provides practical tools for dealing with the daily challenges of modern life with a positive and optimistic mindset. They are designed to not only celebrate life’s successes and milestones but also serve as a meaningful anchor as we face life’s seemingly never-ending challenges and crazy loops.

The brand Dverv makes very personal choices about their outlook and definition of life, so with focus and intention, they can choose the positive and move towards what they wish for.

Dverv’s Lava Diffuser Range 

Dverv’s Lava Diffuser Range consisting the captivating Lava Diffuser Necklace, Cool Funk Lava Earrings from the light blue series, and beautiful bracelets. Would you fancy wearing these?

Is this too colorful for you to handle?  Well, with all that’s going on in the world currently, some colors surely wouldn’t hurt.

What’s more, you can diffuse these beauties with your go-to essential oil to enjoy the therapeutic benefits all day long. 

Lava Diffuser Necklace
Lava Diffuser bracelet

Classic Conscious Cuffs

Classic Conscious Cuffs are attractively bright and reflective. They are polished to a high shine finish to achieve an elegant and sparkly look.

They have chain bracelets also in their collection that speaks to the heart, mind, and eye. It features an uplifting engraved message on the front and is intended to serve as a subtle reminder to inspire the wearer to live a more empowered and conscious life.

eco friendly design packaging

Special Promo Sets

She helped you take your first step and walked by your side all your life. Cherish those beautiful moments by gifting your mother these exquisite pieces from their Mother’s Day Collection! It includes:

  • Mystic Lava Diffuser Earrings are handcrafted with volcanic lava stone beads and stainless steel.
  • Starry Funk Mismatched Lava Earrings are handcrafted with colorful beads and stones.
  • Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth. 
  • PHATOIL Essential Oils are 100% pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade. 
Dverv gift
Dverv product
Dverv gift box
Lava Diffuser Bracelets

Lava Disk Diffuser Bracelets

The ever-smashing Lava Disk Diffuser Bracelet in bright yellow, beige and white. Definitely one of the more attractive color combinations at the moment, along with the light blue series.

Wear this fashionable beauty with your favorite essential oil and start your day with the right tone!

colorful bracelet

Know why Dverv’s Lava Stones are so Colorful?

The colors of the Dverv’s lava beads are not dyed but are applied and developed onto the beads TWICE using high-tech proprietary technology to ensure the colors never fade.  Their lava stones are resistant to fire. They are acid and alkaline proof and are completely environmentally friendly.


 Dverv products help you to re-tune your thoughts and feelings to start a better day.