Kiaro is a cannabis retail brand to help inspire personal stories. It is headquartered in British Columbia and operating across Western Canada. Kiaro believes in partnering with the communities that welcome like-minded people. Kiaro’s experienced team is committed to engaging in active and ongoing consultation to ensure that they continue to educate and offer eminent shopping experiences to the communities they serve.

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“Kiaro means light. Because cannabis can be, well, illuminating. And because the plant we advocate for is finally having its moment to shine”.

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Kiaro recently introduced the refreshing, tropical fruit flavors of Everie’s Dragon Fruit Watermelon CBD Sparkling Beverage. This CBD drink is bubbly, full of fresh fruit taste, with just a touch of freshness. People who stop by Kiaro will get an illustrated cannabis experience.

Kiaro sells a variety of products in compliance with both provincial and federal regulations. That includes a diversity of traditional formats like dried flowers, pre-rolls, oils, and oils, to the recently approved innovations like beverages, gummies, terpene sauce, and a spectrum of accessories.


Kiaro opened its first store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Since then, it had been opened six additional locations in Nanaimo, Victoria, Port Moody, Kingsway, La Ronge, and its flagship store in Vancouver.